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Evander Broekman New Collection for Superyachts

Evander Broekman Collection Press Release ref New Product September 2014 2

Evander Broekman introduces new range of high security certified luxury superyacht safes to collection.

Evander Broekman, specialist and advisor in the design and manufacture of high end fine jewel-lery, watches and diamonds, is delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive collection of high security certified luxury safes.  These handcrafted safes feature the highest security class, certified insurance cover and customised design.

Secure, customised and unique, the new range of safes become a special and distinguished timepiece in their own right whilst providing the assurance that personal collectables are truly safeguarded with the highest grade insurance cover. They are designed to be integrated in to the interior of any luxury space either as a creative feature or blended in seamlessly.

Evander Broekman works in close collaboration with interior designers, outfitters and architects ensuring these handcrafted safes can be custom built for exact interior space and style require-ments and with owners and their teams to incorporate the high end security options customised to individual requirements.

Uniquely combining the highest security class with luxury design is the key element behind the collection. Tested and classified, features include silent alarms and top level security certification which renders them the 'safest' luxury safes worldwide. With certified insurance of up to U.S.
$1,000,000, high security is guaranteed. Working together with trusted partners including one of the oldest private banks based in London and her affiliates, the safes can also be delivered with a security insurance package if required.

“As the success of our diamond and watchmaking business has grown, so has the need for the development of complimentary products, services and solutions, especially in terms of the super-yacht industry. Our experience provides our clients with the confidence that they are receiving expertise in a specialist market area which deals in high value items which often carry significant personal importance. For this reason every safe carries the highest certified insurance grade.  We have not lost sight of the design and exclusivity that these collectables represent. This is something we have carried over in to our innovative and creative products offering a truly sophis-ticated and elegant security solution.” comments Evander Broekman.

www.evanderbroekman.com - info@evanderbroekman.com

Tel: +31 614874258


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