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bunker buoy Launches Smart Nautical Miles Tracker

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The bunker buoy app was originally launched around three years ago with the vision to produce an app that takes all the time consuming work out of making a fuel enquiry and gives the consumer the option to book the best quality fuel at the cheapest price every time.

Over the last six months, Neil Miller, founder and creator of the bunker buoy initiative, has been listening to management companies and crew, and developing the app in accordance with what they would like to see. So is born ‘bunker buoy crew’.

As well as continuing to process fuel quotations from multiple suppliers around the world, the bunker buoy application will soon boast the following revolutionary new features designed to support every individual crew member:

  • Seamlessly track nautical miles traveled. The app will only capture a users location whilst at sea and plot the route against google maps

  • Measure miles traveled progress against fellow yacht crew in a unique nautical miles chart

  • Share your progress with friends and family on Facebook

  • Compare your miles traveled against friends in the industry

  • Have targeted and relevant content sent to its users depending on user profile and location

  • Feedback section for further useful updates

This is the beginning of a range of services that will be developed specifically for crew over the coming year. Neil Miller comments,

‘The first thing yacht crew will see when the apps starts is a quick guide outlining what the app is about, as this new functionality is somewhat different to anything anyone has seen before. Crew will be able to capture their nautical miles traveled and share your trips and experiences with friends on Facebook. Initially the crew member will see their profile which nautical miles map, then they can also look at the larger list of other peoples distance traveled and choose whom they want to follow and rank themselves against… Then they can share their own miles traveled on Facebook.’

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This summer we shall be supporting large super yacht events delivering rich content and specific details to support the crew. We have also partnered with various management companies supporting their fuel purchasing transactions and the information therein, such as Y.CO. As well as other marinas, fuel suppliers and onshore services, such as First Bunker, and Zoom Yachting.

The potential of the application is now bigger than ever and will be continuously evolving to support crew, management and ultimately the industry.’

bunker buoy will of course retain its ability to store the yacht information, documenting historical data, including any communications, sales and transaction history, in the fuel purchasing section of the app, which creates a much more streamlined and transparent communication process reducing the amount of administration currently required when purchasing fuel.

With 7000 super yachts in the global fleet the new bunker buoy app is already making a positive impact on the industry.

Download the app https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/id595323440

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