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Branagh Marine Composites Officially Launch the DockSteps at Monaco Yacht Show

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Have you ever stepped onto a passarelle tentatively thinking 'the dock is in the wrong place'?

BM Composites have designed, fabricated and are now marketing this innovative, yet beautifully simple solution ‘The DockSteps’.

This particular idea for DockSteps came about when one of our customers came to us with a very common problem: everywhere they went, especially in the Med, the docks were either too high or too low. With the help and input of the crew Luke Hendy and the team at Branagh Marine Composites developed the DockSteps.

Luke describes, ‘In discussing the problem with this particular client it became apparent that many crew on all kinds of super yachts have had some very tense moments as guests board the vessel. Even though many yachts are fitted with the latest technology in automatic gangways, you cannot cater for every type of dock. The problem is that the dock is often either too high or too low, so the gangway ends up being lowered or raised to suit, sometimes resulting in some potentially dangerous angles. The dock steps give an adjustable addition to the dock or gangway making it much easier to board the vessel. We are pleased to have one of our clients show case them for us at this year’s MYS.’

Dock steps

The DockSteps are extremely light due to the carbon fibre construction, they are adjustable in height with three separate steps and designed so that one fits inside the other for ease of storage. The DockSteps are simple yet very effective, they can be tailored and personalised to suit the yacht with a number of things from, yacht graphics, custom paint work, clear coat; nonskid or teak finished steps so that every set can be made to look like they have been part of the yacht since the day it was launched.

Glen McDonnell captain of M/Y Vava explains,
‘When we first spoke to Luke about our issues with getting on and off the yacht, we had a rough idea of what we wanted to achieve but were unsure how to do it. Branagh Marine came up with the concepts and design and fabricated a solution, which we are delighted with. Sometimes we have some elderly guests on board the yacht and the dock steps have made life just so much easier, with fewer worries when embarking and disembarking. We would recommend the BMC design team, and The DockSteps.’

Each set of DockSteps is delivered with handrail and a custom bag with the boat name or logo while following the standard template and function that has been a winning combination.
Branagh Marine Composites are officially launching the docksteps at Monaco Yacht Show and will be available to view at the show.

For all enquiries for the DockSteps or any other composite fabrication enquiry, please contact Luke Hendy on +34 610 455 757 or email luke@bmcomposites.com.
Information can also be found on the website at www.bmcomposites.com/docksteps


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