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Awlgrip at FLIBS 2013


Awlgrip® will feature three new product ranges in its booth (Yachting Tent 611) at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 31-November 4 at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center.

New Awlwood MA Exterior Clear System

Containing a unique patented resin technology, Awlwood MA has outstanding performance and retains the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as first application - for multiple seasons. Awlwood MA offers:

• Contains a unique patented resin technology - system has outstanding performance and retains the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance for multiple seasons.

• Primer incorporates Flex-Link™ technology - Primer locks directly onto the wood structure (even tropical hardwoods) resulting in superior flexibility and unrivalled damage and is the perfect base for the finish to give a superior system in comparison to traditional varnishes.

• Reduced Working Time System – High building, fast-curing formulation allows multiple applications per day.

• Excellent Application Properties – Applicable over a wide temperature and humidity range using a variety of methods.

• Outstanding Performance – System remains highly flexible throughout its lifetime allowing natural substrate movement while giving excellent toughness and abrasion resistance.

• True System Performance – Primer and Finish give a synergistic effect resulting in extended performance.


New Converters and Reducers for Awlcraft 2000

The new Awlgrip converter and reducers range for the premium repairable Awlcraft 2000 topcoat system, with a mixed VOC of just 420g/lt when used with any of the Awlcraft 2000 bases. VOC Compliant Awlcraft 2000 offers:

• 2-coat application – Improved solvent blend improves hold-up and flow leading to full coverage and film build in just 2 coats improving work cycle time and reducing labor.

• The latest in solvent technology - allows creation of a converter and 3 reducers that all allow Awlcraft 2000 to comply with all current federal and state legislation for high gloss topcoats.

• Compliancy with all current VOC laws – All North American boatyards and applicators can now enjoy the benefits of the world-renowned Awlcraft 2000 range regardless of VOC legislation.

• Same great performance as current Awlcraft 2000 – Dried film remains unchanged so the attributes of the topcoat system remain unchanged from that of the existing system; the same easy-to-apply formulation, fast-drying, repairable and with flow and gloss second to none.

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New Clear-Grip Interior Coating System

Clear-Grip is a three-stage, decorative interior clear coating system. Clear-Grip offers:

• Rapid curing system has fewer steps compared to other interior systems - Reduces work-cycle times and labor costs.

• Each step in the system requires only 1 – 2 coats - Facilitates quick throughput and reduced labor and costs.

• Foundation Coating contains unique Flex-Link™ Technology - Ensures the system is robust, durable and flexible for great performance.

• Quick and easy application - Reduces work-cycle times and labor costs.

• Simple system is compatible with all wood-types and most stains - Allows the same product to be used throughout the project for a consistent finish.

• Robust, durable system - Superior aesthetics without impact on performance.

• Range of stunning finish options includes Gloss and Satin. System also offers the option to use alternative finishes - Facilitates design freedom.

• Easy scratch repair and maintenance - Reduces maintenance cycles.

For more information about Awlgrip products, visit Yachting Tent booth 611 at FLIBS 2013 or www.awlgrip.com.


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