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VTT SenseWay Launches ZediSense to Enhance Guest Safety & Energy Efficiency

An exciting innovation is set to radically improve the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of cruise ships, superyachts and hotels. 

For the first time ever, ZediSense developed by technology company VTT SenseWay delivers discreet, real-time data about customers’ physical presence in a room or space without the use of cameras.

Using proprietary millimeter radar wave technology and sophisticated software to track macro and micro movements, ZediSense is designed to improve guest safety and comfort, with the added benefit of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

ZediSense was established in 2019 and was subsequently approached by a European shipyard seeking to improve passenger safety. “There was a clear need for a technology that could improve the safety of cruise ship passengers in emergency situations,” says Captain Anu Peippo, Chief Experience Officer at ZediSense. “We embraced the challenge and developed a product that uses radar technology which has superior detection capabilities without invading privacy.

The sensor detects people in all conditions and as long as there is a heartbeat it knows that someone is present, even when sleeping. ZediSense has been successfully tested on a large passenger ferry and the data has been validated by the renowned PBI Research Institute in Finland.

Enhancing safety for cruise ships, superyachts and hotels

ZediSense is unique in its ability to sense both macro and micro movements - just the tiny movement of a person’s chest when breathing is sufficient for accurate detection. The product is also compact and easy to install, making it a viable solution for a range of settings from superyachts to hotels and offices.

“We recognised early on that we could develop many more features and apply our technology to other sectors.” says Peippo. “ZediSense provides data that can be used in real-time to optimise energy consumption or improve situational awareness, or it can be analyzed later to give insight into how a particular space is being used.”

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ZediSense PR 1200x630

The technology involved has been available for some years, but VTT SenseWay is among the first to develop a cost effective and viable product. “The team’s expertise in product development is key to our success.” adds Peippo. “Our expertise in creating solutions for challenging environments enabled us to develop a product that can be used to support existing systems and also offer new services. We are the first to commercialize this technology and the more we talk to our customers the more use cases we find – it’s exciting!”.

Improving energy efficiency and cost savings

As well as enhancing safety, a key benefit of ZediSense is access to data to facilitate a decrease in energy usage, thereby reducing operational costs and carbon dioxide emissions. “As developers of this solution the most motivating aspect is providing a means to decrease CO2 emissions.” says Peippo. “It is the responsibility of all of us working in marine industries to protect the world’s oceans and marine life and it feels good to be able to launch a product with a positive impact in this regard.”

About VTT SenseWay

VTT SenseWay provides expert services in designing system architectures, specialising in remote control and autonomous solution design. The company has delivered projects in maritime, mining and forestry, and the innovation of ZediSense broadens their client base to cruise ships, superyachts, buildings and supported living solutions.

For further information please contact CEO Jere Laaksonen at Jere.laaksonen@vttsenseway.com / +358 40 488 9422



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