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Videoworks to Unveil new Satellite Systems and AI at Monaco Yacht Show 2022

With 25 years of experience and hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and lighting & comfort systems installed on board superyachts around the world, this year Videoworks will once again be exhibiting plenty of new developments at the Monaco Yacht Show, coming up 28th September to 1st October.

More and more advanced audio/video systems and an increasingly efficient onboard network are two key demands of today’s owners and guests, and Videoworks will be in Monaco to confirm its ability to continue innovating and responding proactively to this growing demand.

Staying connected with the LEO satellite system

The internet connection system through LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites promises a state-of-the-art on-board internet experience, in terms of speed and latency, ensuring full use of streaming and IP TV services. Even out in the open waters, the internet connection will be very similar to the connection provided by 5G technology along the coast.

The solution presented by ONE Web represents the latest new frontier in connectivity, and to better illustrate the new technology, a joint press conference will be held at the Videoworks stand at 3pm on Friday 30th September, providing an indication of costs and explaining, among other things, why LEO latency is lower than that of terrestrial optical fibre.

Onboard AI for maximum comfort and energy savings

Another important new development to be presented in Monaco is the potential of artificial intelligence to improve quality of life on board while saving significant amounts of energy. The stand will be equipped with the presence detectors and energy meters forming the basis of a smart system with an AI-based controller permitting profiling of the owner and guests’ habits and needs, an aspect which is even more important for chartered vessels, ensuring that the environment always responds to the users’ requirements. All with complete respect for privacy, because the system is not based on cameras, but on much more discreet sensors and Bluetooth LE technology.

A disco-style stand featuring innovative lighting

Stand DS87 at Darse Sud will present a setting inspired by the nightclub environment, featuring high-impact lighting solutions such as pixelated RGBW LED strips with Videoworks systems permitting colour changes and rhythms keeping time with the rhythm of the music. Yet another example of Videoworks' design philosophy providing fully customisable solutions to match owners' preferences.

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