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Triton Submarines and Dark Ocean Design Align in Partnership with Espen Øino

Triton Submarines, Espen Øino International and Dark Ocean Design have revealed the forging of a close collaborative partnership between three leading companies in their respective fields with the unveiling of the Triton 660/9 AVA EO Edition. The longstanding relationship between Triton Submarines, the foremost manufacturer and producer of civilian submersibles, and Dark Ocean Design, the world’s leading submersible design and engineering studio, will now be complimented by styling and interior design input from Espen’s multicultural and multi- disciplined team who have designed some of the world’s most iconic bespoke megayachts.

Historically, the megayacht sector is familiar with the development of custom tenders that provide style and design continuity with the host vessel, so to be able to take that to new heights, or depths, with a Triton submersible, takes things quite literally to another level. In addition to restyled existing Triton models, work is currently underway on several new model concepts and projects. The partners promise a breathtaking new model launch at the Monaco Yacht Show in September and their second in a series of restyled models will be unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show the following month.

The first evidence of the trio’s cooperation, however, is the restyled EO Edition of the groundbreaking Triton 660/9 AVA. Based on the innovative patent protected design by Dark Ocean Design, the groundbreaking pressure hull geometry of the Triton 660/9 AVA permits nine persons to dive to depths of 200m. It also features a reconfigurable interior that, for the first time in history, permits guests to explore the ocean while enjoying a variety of different experiences from casino gaming to fine dining, cocktails cruises to wedding ceremonies, or even spa experiences. As such, the Triton 660/9 AVA has already cemented its place as a milestone submersible. Early examples of the restyled exterior concepts by EOI feature flowing multi-faceted planes, though fully customizable exterior and interior designs will be offered to clients that incorporate design elements of the primary yacht.

Speaking of their alliance and work on the EO Edition, Espen Øino commented: “Designing products and experiences that enable human beings to engage more deeply with the ocean environment is a core mission, both personally and for the company. This opportunity for Espen Øino International to further expand its expertise, while also contributing to the dramatic evolution of submersibles, is one I am personally intrigued by and has truly stimulated the team.

The collaboration will result in Triton, DOD and ourselves being able to offer our clients highly exclusive, refined BUT PROVEN products that will undoubtedly extend and enhance their yachting EXPERIENCE. With the three companies–each with a successful track record in our respective fields– contributing from three different perspectives, we have already achieved a genuinely ground-breaking level of innovation, as we’re looking forward to demonstrating during the forthcoming Monaco Yacht Show.”

Patrick Lahey, President of Triton Submarines, added: “To be approached by a company as prestigious as Espen Øino is not only a remarkable privilege and honor for Triton Submarines, but also further vindicates the establishment of submersibles as an important element of the yachting sector. The portfolio of Espen and his team represents the pantheon in yacht design, we’re truly excited by their enthusiasm to collaborate. To be able to offer our respective clients submersibles that are uniquely styled, both on the exterior and interior, is a thrilling new direction and opportunity for all parties involved, including yacht owners. The main studio and Special Projects division at EOI both have extensive experience in not just styling and engineering, but also materials, suppliers and many other aspects of production that will ensure Triton continues to lead the way in producing the most innovative and safe submersibles on the planet.”

Speaking on behalf of Dark Ocean Design meanwhile, co-Founder John Ramsay said: “The Triton 660/9 AVA was designed from the ground up to be reconfigured and restyled with its versatile and modular platform design, so it was fantastic to work with the incredibly talented team at Espen Øino on this new arrangement. We’re all delighted with the results and looking forward to working on many more projects together.”

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