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Teladoc: WYCC Launches New Telemedicine Service

WYCC has reinforced its commitment to health and wellness with its new telemedicine service, which allows users to access the right care without leaving their home or vessel.

Teladoc allows easy access to a team of doctors or specialists to discuss any health and medical concerns, wherever you are, with an online medical consultation available through the use of video, via a computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows the physician to examine the back of the throat, a swelling, a pimple or any other symptom in order to establish a diagnosis without an in-person appointment.

Advantages of Teladoc 

* Ease: people with mobility issues will be able to attend a medical appointment without having to travel.

* Reduction of time spent in the waiting room.

* Better quality of care: a teleconsultation is less demanding in terms of time and travel, which is beneficial to those patients requiring regular medical follow-ups.

* More conducive with work: many companies now offer their employees the opportunity to consult a physician from their offices via an online consultation system, meaning there is no need to take time off work to consult a healthcare professional. 

* Teledoc also enables seafarers and expatriates who cannot visit a physician due to current location to quickly receive a medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription from an accredited medical physician without any additional costs.

* Teladoc is free of charge, unlimited, and available 24/7.

* Medical advice is available 24/7 in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or German (German available from Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm CET Time).

To access Teladoc, sign in to your Henner member portal or myHenner mobile app, click on the ‘Medical Network’ tab and simply access the platform through the dedicated link. Here you can schedule a video consultation, as well as request a call back from a doctor.  


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