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Stable in Seconds, From Stumbling to Strolling

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The AntiRoll huge has proven to be a huge success on Santa Maria T at zero speed. It all happened just off Corsica as the boat headed for Cannes Boat Show. Over the last few days, the zero speed functionality of the AntiRoll stabilization system was put in to operation on board of Santa Maria T, a 37 metre trawler built by Van der Valk Continental Yachts.

Captain and crew were knocked off their feet. Not because of their boat rolling to and fro, but in sheer astonishment.

The Santa Maria T remained perfectly still in the water only seconds after the AntiRoll stabilization system had been switched on. Perfectly still after only a few seconds. To activate the AntiRoll system the Captain set, from the bridge, a 6 degree roll angle to each side. Almost immediately after AntiRoll had been switched on, cries of disbelief and enthusiasm echoed from the bridge: 1 degree!

And indeed, within a few seconds, AntiRoll brought the boat from a 6 degree angle back to a perfectly still position with no more than 1 degree either side. Furthermore, the system proved to be silent. The only thing left to hear were the high fives which Arnold van Aken was receiving.

Arnold van Aken, Engineering Director of DMS Holland, has always had full confidence in the product especially after correcting inevitable teething problems and completing the necessary fine-tuning but this result has still left him stunned.

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Arnold van Aken: "Yes absolutely. Especially when you consider that the idea was conceived only four years ago, almost to the day. The unique dual-axis fins which rotate during navigation and create a flapping motion as the boat is stationary turn high expectations in to a great reality. It also distinguishes us from other current systems. AntiRoll provides stabilization both underway and at zero speed without any compromise of performance in either circumstance. This results in an unprecedented leap in terms of quality of cruising comfort. Because make no mistake, at a roll angle of 6 degrees you need to hold on left and the right as you walk. With a 1 degree roll angle you can walk around the boat as if you are walking on dry land."

Once in Cannes, waiting hours off shore before being able to take her berth, the Santa Maria T remained perfectly still despite the continuous, large waves from passing vessels.

Santa Maria T's galley crew ("the white brigade") tweeted the following: "Fantastic. Thanks to AntiRoll the entire boat can relax. Most importantly, our guests' digestive systems."

For anyone wanting to get acquainted with DMS Holland's AntiRoll stabilization system in person:

Patrick Noor (Marketing Director of DMS Holland) at the Monaco Yacht Show from the 23rd to 26th September, DMS Holland and its AntiRoll stabilization system will be represented on Stand QA B6.

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