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Sovren Crew Launches new Website and Recruitment System

The world is changing, and whilst there are many running to keep up, there are some who are ahead of the game, and they are always the ones to watch. Sovren Crew is one such company that started their adaptation and renewal prior to the necessity of the spring 2020 lockdown.

The company announces the launch of their new, ground-breaking system for yacht crew recruitment with features never before seen in this niche market.

When Dovaston was acquired by the Sovren Group in 2014, the well-established agency was a leader of its time and became the building blocks of Sovren Crew. The motto of Fred Dovaston’s company was ‘setting the standard’ and now, as the Dovaston name is respectfully put out to pasture, the Sovren team remain committed to that maxim and are setting new standards as they move forward and take recruitment into the new world.

The concept was presented to a development team last year and the build has been carefully managed to include features that are unrivalled in yacht recruitment. The system is arguably as future proof as it possibly can be and is robust in its simplification of the service that can be provided to yacht owners, management companies, captains and crew and brings unique benefits.

Industry first

The concept of rewards has been tried by others before, with varying degrees of success, however the Sovren team take this idea and bring it to all levels of system user, from yacht to crew individually.

Rewards are available to the yacht with their management agreement, at an industry progressive level. A three tier system is in place where a potential maximum of 10% of the spend is allocated to the reward scheme, to be invested into further Sovren services, crew placement, training or charitable donations.

Crew also earn reward points, simply through maintaining their profile, keeping it up to date, accurate and checking in to locations to take advantage of new placements when they’re ready for a move. The system will be a secure platform for their CV, certificates, awards and service testimonials and allows the Sovren team to inform them of new placement opportunities, to issue reminders for expiring certificates or medicals, recommend training and services and provide hints, tips and advice for any location.

Reward points can be allocated for training, shopping and travel as well as services provided by the Sovren Group of companies. Should the reward points be unallocated at the end of the year, chosen charities will benefit and each new year will start the reward points system with a fresh balance.

Intelligent systems

Using artificial intelligence for psychometric evaluations, the goal is to build the elements of a candidate’s profile that is challenging to present on even the most well-designed of CVs.

The Sovren Personality Assessment (SPA) facility enables Sovren Crew agents to highlight the candidates’ attributes including, but not limited to, their general intelligence, critical reasoning, motivation and personality profile.

The ultimate aim is to build an entire harmonious crew, compatible and united, thus minimising conflict and ensuring a safe and happy yacht.

Due Diligence

The Know Your Crew (KYC) feature is an in-built due diligence service to ensure the Sovren Crew team can guarantee the authenticity of the candidates. Names are checked against lists for national security, Interpol, official sanctions lists and for politically exposed persons. Safeguarding a yacht and its crew is paramount, and with these checks automatically in place, the Sovren team are assured that the candidate they will place on to the yacht is genuine and will be an asset to the yacht and its existing crew.

Reality CV

To bridge time zones and the challenges faced by travel restrictions and border closures, video profiles are created for the candidates so their character can shine through and provide a reality boost to their application. It has never been possible to add an infectious laugh, an easy smile or a twinkle in the eye to a CV, and this is why the Sovren Crew team are providing this opportunity within the recruitment process, to further engage and aid the decisions of crew placement.

Agents within Sovren crew will be working from their Palma office, contacting candidates virtually to ensure the existing database is up to date, to guarantee the continued efficiency of their system and ensure strict adherence to the guidelines for data protection.

It was important from the original concept that the system’s platform be easy to navigate, user friendly, secure and engaging and the site that launches under sovrencrew.com provides that, and more.

The first phase introduces this innovative concept to the yachting industry and will be followed with full integration with the yacht management, training, wellness and events activities of the group.

New location

For further information on the system and how you, your yacht and your crew will benefit, contact Warren Groombridge on +34 971 677 785.

Sovren Crew is a product of Sovren SLU and joins with other elements of Sovren Group activities that are moving seamlessly into the digital world. The teams, in all divisions, are providing a full service remotely during the changing face of the world pandemic.

For their terrestrial presence, Sovren Crew joins Sovren Nautical Academy in a superb, shared location in Palma, Mallorca where appointments can be pre-arranged, and visits will adhere to government regulations regarding COVID-19. The two companies will work together providing a full service to yachts and crew for recruitment and training.

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