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Sevenstar Yacht Transport: Kris Caren appointed West Coast Representative

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With the demand for yacht transport rapidly expanding between North America and Asia, Sevenstar Yacht Transport is proud to announce and welcome its new West Coast Representative Kris Caren.

A leader in the industry of yacht transport, Sevenstar partners with sister company DYT Yacht Transport to specialize in both lift-on/lift-off (LO/LO) and float-on/float-off (FLO/FLO) services offered by a fleet of over 120 ships wholly owned and operated by Amsterdam-based parent company Spliethoff Group. Caren will be responsible for serving clients on the western coast of British Columbia, the United States and Central America.  

“We are thrilled to have Kris join our team,” said Richard Klabbers, Sevenstar’s managing director, adding that Caren will be working closely with Lauren Hartman from the Sevenstar USA Agencies in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and they will be traveling to events such as the LIDO Boat Show and the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin and Los Suenos fishing tournaments. “Having an experienced ship broker like Kris on board will further grow Sevenstar’s already expansive global routes and will contribute to Sevenstar maintaining its lead in the yacht transport market on the West Coast.”

Over the last eight years, Caren has worked with Spliethoff Group to develop new roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) shipping lines that carry break bulk and heavy lift cargo in the European and transatlantic trade. He also has helped the company consolidate its regular lines that service the Mediterranean, U.S. and Caribbean markets. Prior to joining Spliethoff Group, Caren established RO/RO shipping lines in Spain for the European shipping company Transfennica.

“This first-hand experience coupled with his skills working in markets around the globe is what makes Kris the ideal candidate for Sevenstar clients,” said Klabbers. “Kris will be involved in every part of the shipping process, from providing quick rate quotes to overseeing the loading and discharging operations.”

Caren will be at the LIDO Boat Show in Newport Beach, Calif. from September 18-21, 2014. A combined Sevenstar/DYT booth will be located on E Dock, E-508. Contact Kris Caren, +1 415-316-3072, kris@seventar-usa.com

Sevenstar Sailing Schedule (Remainder of 2014 - subject to change) 

Lift-On/Lift/Off Sailings
To the Pacific West Coast: Palm Beach – Golfito – La Paz/Manzanillo (Mazatlan) – Ensenada – Victoria

Approximate dates, departing Palm Beach, Florida:
September 15 – September 25
October 15-November 15
November 15-December 15

From the Pacific West Coast: Victoria - Ensenada - La Paz/Manzanillo (Mazatlan) – Golfito - Palm Beach

Approximate dates, departing Victoria, Canada:
September 1-September 25
October 15-November 15
November 15-December 15

DYT Yacht Transport Sailing Schedule (Remainder of 2014/early 2015 - subject to change)  

Float-On/Float-Off Sailings (aboard Yacht Express)
To/from the Pacific West Coast and South Pacific

Martinique, end of November
Port Everglades, early December
Golfito, mid December
Tahiti, end December
Brisbane, mid January
Auckland, mid-late January, 2015
Golfito, mid February, 2015
Port Everglades, end February, 2015
Palma de Mallorca, late March, 2015

For more information on Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT Yacht Transport, visit http://www.sevenstar-yacht-transport.com/and http://www.yacht-transport.com; contact Sander Schuurman, Sevenstar, +31 20 4488 693, communications@sevenstar-yacht-transport.com or Catalina Bujor, DYT, +1 954-525-8707, pr@yacht-transport.com.


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