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New Anti-Drone Solution from Oculus & Nedshield

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Oculus Technologies has partnered with Nedshield, a leading Swiss-Dutch Defence company, to deliver a custom Anti-Drone Shield Protection solution to guard the safety of your vessel and the privacy of all on board. Our advanced solution is currently the only one in the superyacht market that can handle multiple, simultaneous drone attacks and which can be used in marinas as well as the open sea.

Some drones are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment and are being deployed for corporate or political espionage, as well as robo-paparazzi to spy on owners and guests. We offer a range of custom solutions which vary from portable rental equipment to sophisticated drone detection and mitigation solutions.

Drone Defense Solutions:

  • The P2 relies on the yacht's crew to observe the incoming drone and use the app to disrupt it - the P6 does this automatically for you.

  • The disruption is achieved by interfering with the three main signals used by commercial drones: GPS signal, steering signal (RF) and camera signal.

  • The P6 unit provides omni-directional defense for a defined perimeter with a maximum radius of around 600 meters from the unit placement.

  • The P2 and P6 are the only commercially available solutions that can handle drone swarm attacks

  • New version includes Android control unit

  • Manually operated (on/off) - when activated provides full cover

  • Battery or mains powered  

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Our solutions use a REACTIVE technique for disruption which is more advanced than 'jamming', with no impact on radio frequencies on board. Most drones disrupted in this way will return to the operator while a few will fall into the water before they reach the yacht.

If you'd like to know more about our anti-drone solutions please get in touch:

Email: sales@oculustechnologies.nl
Tel: +31 (0)20 22 38 38 9



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