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Nautilus Seminar: Update on Changes to MLC

Nautilus is holding a one-day seminar on Thursday 23 March to examine forthcoming changes to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) which seek to improve the protection of abandoned seafarers and provide compensation for death or disability following accidents in the workplace.

Taking place in Leicester, the seminar will focus on the amendments to MLC due to come into force on 18 January 2018. It will also provide an overview of proposed amendments which could come into force later in the year. 

The forthcoming amendments to MLC will require member states to set up a form of financial compensation, either in the form of a social security scheme, insurance, national fund or other similar arrangements, to ensure that compensation is paid to seafarers and their families in the event of abandonment, death or longterm disability due to an occupational injury, hazard or illness.

Mandatory certificates and documents will be required onboard to prove that such measures are in place to protect crew members.

In September 2016 the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network annual report revealed a marked increase in seafarer welfare problems worldwide, relating to repatriation, abandonment, unpaid wages, bullying and harassment.

Consequently, further amendments to MLC are being considered by an ILO working group and could enter into force in late 2018 if adopted. These are likely to address health and safety onboard, and proposals to include ITF/ICS guidelines on eliminating bullying and harassment at sea.

The working group will also draft proposals to protect seafarers' wages if they are held captive as a result of piracy or armed robbery.

Full details of the Nautilus Seminar:

DATE: 23 March 2017

TIME: 09:30-17:00

PLACE: Quorn Grange Hotel, 88 Wood Lane, Quorn, Leicestershire, LE12 8DB, UK

CONTACT: Lee Moon; tel +44 (0)151 639 8454; email membership@nautilusint.org

Members can attend for free - travel and accommodation are at their own cost.

Non-members can either pay the course fee (equivalent of 12 months subscription at the full officer rate) or they can become a member of Nautilus for one year and attend as an additional benefit of their membership.

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