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MSN 1905: Everything you Need to Know

In March 2021, MSN 1905 was introduced, the first major update of its kind since MSN 1768 in 1995. A new regulation set out by The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), it details the minimum requirements for medical stores on board vessels. Superyachts that were required to meet the MSN 1768 standard will now have to meet the new requirements.

The updates bring medical supplies on board more in line with medical best practice, introducing additional medication and equipment to your onboard medical kit. A few additions include:

  • Pulse oximeter - a device that uses a finger to measure pulse and oxygen saturation

  • Tranexamic Acid - medication extensively used in the military to control bleeding

  • Intraosseous device - places a needle into the bone to deliver IV fluids and medications quickly, with minimal training, with a higher chance of sucess than traditional IVs.

  • Trauma tourniquet

  • Rapid Malaria tests

Any yachts categorised under MCA vessel category A or B will have to meet the compliance regulations by March 2022, or before their Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) certificate expires, whichever is sooner.

What does this mean for my vessel?

The new rules and regulations mean that you may have to update the contents of your medical kit.
Depending on your kit provider and the age of your medical kit, the changes could be substantial.

For MedAire customers, the good news is that many of the new medications have existed for several years in its standard kit solution. Additionally, many clients have taken their advice to supplement their onboard supplies with items such as pulse oximeters already.

What else do I need to be aware of?

A few of the regulations are more specific or defined than before and these include:

  • Captain's duty of care: to protect the health and safety of crew, minimise risk of infection and provide preventive measures such as vaccination. (As a result of Covid-19, this is now perhaps even more pertinent).

  • It is recommended that medical advice and supplies are obtained where possible from medically qualified individuals and/or companies experienced and knowledgeable in the supply to the maritime industry.

Aside from the regulations, MedAire's medical team constantly evaluates the latest medications and equipment and make amendments to its solutions accordingly, so you can be confident that every medical kit not only meets the latest regulations but also reflects the current best medical practices for treatment of illness and injury.


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