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Marina Port Vell Announces 20 Million Euro Investment

Marina Port Vell Barcelona has presented a new investment plan involving the remodelling of parts of the marina to enhance its capacity and strengthen its specialised ad hoc services for large vessels. By doing so, the marina pledges its commitment to positioning Barcelona as a leading destination for superyachts in the Mediterranean, strengthening the city’s foremost position in the segment. This new phase of greater specialisation began in July with the launch of a new corporate image, which serves to consolidate the marina’s identity, endowing the brand with a more Mediterranean, more exclusive character, and continues with implementation of the aforementioned investment project, which will strengthen the marina’s positioning in the market.

The presentation was supported by the city’s institutions, the regional government and the Government of Spain, as well as the Port of Barcelona itself and its president, Damià Calvet, who praised the investment plan. During his speech, Ignacio Erroz, director general of Marina Port Vell Barcelona, affirmed that the new positioning and the associated investment project intend, on the one hand, “to further strengthen Barcelona’s status as a leading destination for superyachts” and, on the other, “to commit to greater specialisation in offering quality services to our clients, based on four strategic areas: sustainability, growth, innovation and competitiveness”. The aforementioned strategic aims are shared with the Port of Barcelona and are the basis of Europe’s Blue Economy and the city of Barcelona, a perfect candidate to be a leader for this type of economic model in the Mediterranean.

Marina Port Vell will carry out remodelling work in its facilities consisting of three large-scale projects: reconfiguration of the marina basin, a landscaping project, and the installation of a new bunkering system.

Firstly, as part of the marina’s desire to specialise, to an even greater extent, in providing superyachts with quality services, the marina basin will be rearranged, replacing berths for small vessels with more space for superyachts. The work that will be undertaken on the marina basin, across a surface area of 8,531 square metres, will allow the marina to further its specialisation in large vessels with a total of 23 new berths for vessels with a length of up to 70 metres.

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Thanks to this new configuration, the marina will boast 55 berths for superyachts, a figure that will increase up to 65 in periods of high occupancy. The estimated time frame for the work is eight months and will consist, primarily, of the removal of Pontoons A and B and the Sota Muralla quay, which are floating concrete structures, in order to redistribute mooring lines. What’s more, as part of the project, the positioning of moored vessels will be reconfigured in order to increase the visible space of the marina basin and enhance the view of the marina and clients’ privacy.

The plan of action also includes a landscaping project to create more green space, making the facilities more attractive and inviting, so that clients feel as if they are in a floating city that is an extension of Barcelona itself. This project, which will affect a total of 17,637 square metres, will be implemented at the Sota Muralla, Dipòsit, Barceloneta, España and Rellotge quays.

As part of the project, moveable planters and decorative lighting will be installed at all the quays and along the facilities’ perimeter. The project also allows for the renovation and enlargement of existing paving and the reconfiguration of vehicle lanes, areas for pedestrians, and parking spaces. What’s more, in line with the goal of becoming a sustainable marina and providing clients with high-quality services, new rapid charging points for electric vehicles will be installed as part of the innovative landscaping project.

Furthermore, a new bunkering system for clients will be installed at berths to enhance client services and improve the safety of the infrastructure. Said fuel delivery network, consisting of a pump system and 510 metres of piping, will be implemented at the Barceloneta and Rellotge quays and on Pontoon C. Four diesel oil tanks with a capacity of 160,000 litres will be reconditioned and ten refuelling points, connected to the diesel oil thrust pipe, will be installed.

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Finally, as part of its commitment to sustainability, the marina will implement a Sustainability Plan, guaranteeing that in the future Marina Port Vell will continue to be a sustainable, safe and innovative marina with quality services, in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which are also referred to in the Strategic Plan of the Port of Barcelona, and the goals of the city of Barcelona itself.

Marina Port Vell has also made an important pledge to its commitment to the Port of Barcelona, the city and its surroundings by contributing to improving rail access to the Port of Barcelona, by means of the Financial Fund for Port-Land Accessibility.

The cornerstones of the new Marina Port Vell brand, which represent the beginning of new-found specialisation in providing even more focused services for the superyacht segment, is based on attention to detail and highlighting the benefits of being part of a great city such as Barcelona, endowing it with a more Mediterranean and more exclusive character. By doing so, the marina seeks to enhance its services in order to offer its clients unique experiences at all times and throughout the year.

Marina Port Vell clients have at their disposal all the services required to enjoy a unique experience in the city of Barcelona and at the marina itself. Both yacht owners and captains and crews can enjoy a range of activities at the marina as well as gastronomic experiences in the city while having the option of participating in sporting and/or training activities, among other services that make the marina an exclusive place in the heart of a great city.

The marina is not content, however, with just offering excellent services that maximise the experience and satisfaction of its users. Instead, it goes one step further in its commitment to the environment and its surroundings, establishing itself as a boutique marina with exclusive services and quality spaces, offering a premium experience. All this, thanks to its highly-qualified professionals.


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