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Laundry and Covid-19

Although this notice may not be relevant at the moment, it is worth considering for future charters and owner/guest trips.

As much as the COVID-19 virus ‘reportedly’ has a limited lifespan on textiles, it is imperative that our clients have confidence that their bed linen and towels, robes, cushions and throws etc are virus free, especially after quick turn overs and changes of guests on board.

As a member of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers (GCL)UK, I adhere to their standards and am continuously updated on their research. My detergent supplier, Kreussler Textile Products, work to Robert Koch Institute standards in Germany (German law).

Following research by the GCL, we know that micro-organisms do survive on textiles for some time. The Klebsiella Pneumoniae can survive on wool for 28 days and on cotton for 11 days and as it is pneumonia that is the result of contracting Covid19, we have to be vigilant. 100% Polyester carries the micro-organism for only five days but it is still a long time to carry infection, especially in a busy industry like ours.

In our normal laundry process, the GCL have proven that washing with detergent alone will not eliminate micro-organisms, including viruses, unless a bactericide such as a peroxy bleach (PAP6) is used at 60c and held for a specific time at that temperature. The industrial detergents containing PAP6 are very harsh and of high alkalinity and though they are suitable for cotton bed linen and towels, they are not recommended for wool or silk and fine fabrics. This process does NOT work in a domestic machine as the maintenance of temperature for a specific amount of time, is not possible.

Currently, whether your laundry is done onboard or sent ashore, the processes, in the main, only dilute the quantity of viruses and not necessarily kill them.

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As a launderer, going forward, I should be able to return an item that is free from micro-organisms, as well as free from stains and creases and with the guidance of Kreussler, I offer reassurance to my clients that my detergents not only contain PAP6 but they also carry the ECO mark. I also have a rinse agent for silk, wool and sensitive fabrics that will eliminate micro-organisms to the same affect and of course with no damage to the fabric.

Should you require any further information, whether you are a client or your laundry is managed on board, I am happy to advise, as research is ongoing.

For more information, contact Jill at:

Tel: +33 (0)6 41 50 56 76

Images: The Linen Basket, Pixabay

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