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Last Call for Luxury Hospitality Leadership Training in Monaco from 8-11 March!

With little over a month to go until Luxury Hospitality’s first Leadership Training course in collaboration with La Belle Classe Academy at Yacht Cub de Monaco, there are still a few registrations remaining for interested crew.

This GUEST accredited four day course is designed to develop, coach and mentor individuals and entire departments, and will be led by leadership specialist Martin Mainey, who describes the three key areas covered:

- Self-awareness; an ability to start developing emotional intelligence and recognising emotions, rising to a level of recognising emotions in others and being able to manage those emotions.

- Powerful communication; not just telling others what to do but how to deeply and truly listen. Clarity is key - in vision and in how to communicate that vision in all aspects of the operation.

- Unleashing potential in others; it’s what great leaders do. Rather than managing people, they motivate people to manage themselves, building confidence and making crew feel valued as part of a high performing team.

For anyone considering enrolling on the course, which costs €2,300 and will be held in person from 8-11 March 2022 at the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco, here’s an overview of what to expect:

Day 1: A deep dive into self. Leadership is first of all leading oneself before leading others. It starts with an exploration using the LH Dynamics tool to learn where natural talents lie and recognise and understand the difference in others. We will also start the seven habits journey exploring paradigms, proactivity, vision and purpose and the power of prioritisation.

Day 2: Moving from dependence to inter-dependence and looking at how best to effectively communicate with others. Looking at mutual benefit mindsets and thinking in win-win terms as well as how to listen to others, the power of collaboration, self-restoration and self-preservation.

Day 3: Learning about the powerful and practical tools that will help people manage and lead their teams. The focus is on developing a leadership mindset, as well as underlining the power and importance of regular 1-2-1s. How to set your team up for results, how to create a culture of feedback, leading and managing change and managing time and energy.

Day 4: The course culminates with tips on how to create high performing teams and how to motivate and develop people, unleashing their potential and creating a culture of safety, high expectation, self-management and self-accountability.

All students will receive a GUEST Unit 17 Leadership Foundations and LH certificate upon completion of the course.

With strong leadership finally being seen as a crucial and important learning curve in yachting, there are many benefits leadership training can bestow on crew.

"Some people lead instinctively while some lead by examples they’ve had in leadership from parents or previous employers," explains Martin. "Regardless of whether we are natural or learned leaders, we all have blind spots and there is always something we can benefit from in this type of training.

"It’s not just about the tools you develop for the workplace but also the powerful lessons which will apply to your personal life and relationships too. The strongest message I can share is that success is something you attract by the person you become.

"You will enhance your personal relationships and life goals as well as your impact as a leader, thus enhancing your career path and prospects through key life and communications skills you will learn with us."

With registrations going well, there is still room for more inscriptions and Martin is looking forward to the exciting journey ahead. "I can’t wait to meet and get to know the delegates and encourage them to relax and open up," he says. "The relationships they develop with each other and the learning buzz that evolves is great to witness.

"I’m looking forward to some powerful sharing and paradigm shifts that people will experience on how to become a better leader. I love seeing how people feel at the end of a leadership course, when they have new knowledge, skills and tools and can’t wait to get stuck in back on board to develop their teams, culture and performance. They always return to their yachts feeling significantly more confident in their leadership role than when they first walked into the course."

For more information or to book your place please click here.
Or you can book directly with La Belle Classe at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

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