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Concerns Regarding Anchoring Restrictions along French Coast

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On April 24, the ECPY President, Thierry Voisin, accompanied by Laurent Monsaingeon, met with the Commissioner-General, Mr Duchesne, who is in charge of Action de l'Etat en Mer. They voiced the concerns of the yachting industry regarding a regulation that is currently being signed. This regulation will progressively restrict anchoring (in open berth moorings) for vessels over 24 metres, supposedly to protect seagrass meadows off the Mediterranean coast. 85% of sea along the coastline is classified as a Marine Protected Area.

Mr Duchesne provided conciliatory clarification on this project which legally regulates these possible interdictions while assuring them of the willingness to compromise in order to protect anchorage areas for vessels over 24 metres in length. However, we cannot be entirely reassured so long as the final texts adopted have not been published. Moreover, the territorial and local authorities do not want to engage in discussions regarding anchoring equipment (coffers and buoys), prior to the implementation of this regulation.

Mr Duchesne has also committed to clarifying the different layers of the maritime regulation in such a way that compliance would be easy for captains when in French waters.

ECPY will keep you informed about developments on this important subject.

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