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Club de Mar Mallorca Renews Concession to 2044

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The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands has approved the comprehensive plans submitted by Club de Mar Mallorca to redevelop the marina as a port-city. Included in the proposal is the renewal of buildings, the redesign of docks, an extension to public access areas and substantial improvements to its visitor services.

Club de Mar Mallorca will retain its concession for 25 years, investing €50 million in redevelopment costs, contributing a further €250 million to the public purse over the 25 year term.

Having worked on the project for three years, President of the Club de Mar Mallorca, Borja de la Rosa, has expressed his satisfaction with the outcome saying, "It is very good news not only for the partners in the project, but also for the city, since the new club will be a reference for the concept of integration of a nautical sporting facility with the city.”

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As Borja de la Rosa explained, the renewal of the concession also takes into account the Law of State Ports, which requires an allocation to the renovation of existing facilities of a sum equivalent to 50% of the value of the initial investment made in 1969. In the case of Club de Mar, "This requirement has been exceeded, as the 50 million Euros that will be invested in improving the club are well above the minimum required."


General Director of the Club de Mar Mallorca, José Luis Arrom, points out that the bid was also successful due to its strategic nature and focus on sustainability. "From the outset we knew that opening up to the city and environmental issues were priorities. We wanted a marina for the 21st century, adapted to the demands and social sensitivities of our time. The new installation will allow us to improve the environmental efficiency, quality, safety and community service policies we have been applying for many years."

Mr Arrom also confirmed enhancement of sports areas and promotion of nautical activities saying, "We will have more space for sailing and canoeing schools, so we can boost our sporting activities, including agreements with schools in the city, as we are already doing, to promote sports activities for school age children.”

Besides the planned aesthetic and functional improvements to Club de Mar, another outstanding change concerns the interface with the city of Palma, with the widening and prolongation of the Paseo Marítimo to the cruise terminal of the Pelaires pier (including landscaped areas and a bike lane), and the transfer of pedestrian and cyclist free access to new spaces located next to
​​social buildings on three floors, connected by ramps.clubdemar4

The new concession runs from 2020 to 2044, promising a positive socio-economic impact on the city as a whole with the total gross value (GVA) added at around €425 million. In terms of employment, it is estimated that the new Sea Club will generate 500 jobs, while the investment in infrastructure will translate into a value of 170 million Euros by the end of the concession.

Renovations are expected to take three to four years, from October 2018 to the end of 2021. Each phase will run for eight months of the year, concentrated between October 1 and May 30, to avoid any interruptions in service for partners and visitors. 

This will ensure continuity at the Club de Mar Mallorca, raising the current level of quality and environmental standards, allowing Palma to remain a benchmark for sports sailing in the Mediterranean.

The Club de Mar Mallorca was founded in 1972 with the aim of attracting high-end nautical tourism previously concentrated on the Cote d’Azur. It is now regarded as one of the best marinas in Europe welcoming many of the most high profile yachts in the world. In addition to its excellent marina management, Club de Mar is also renowned for its ongoing campaign to promote water sports and the organization of annual events such as the Illes Balears Clàssics Regatta. 

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