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Clear Ocean Pact Gaining Support

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It's hard to believe the Clear Ocean Pact was launched just three months ago. In this short time, the non-profit organisation has laid the foundations for what our industry desperately needed – a set of clear, manageable goals to unite superyachts in protecting the oceans.

Founded by Richard Orme after a 23 year career in superyachting, the Clear Ocean Pact is built on an understanding of the unique needs and conditions of superyachts. By searching for viable alternatives, the PACT proposes changes that benefit the environment but do not impinge on enjoyment and use of the yacht for the owner or guests.

In a radio interview with Monocle 24, Richard was enthusiastic about the PACT's reception by the yachting community. “I think people want to make a change, they need to be given the incentive and the motivation to do it, but it neeeds to be an easy change as well. This is why we designed the pact for superyachts, it's a very easy thing for them to adopt.”

“It can be transferred to any sector or industry,” he said, and explained that in fact the PACT has already inspired a “Printers against Plastic” campaign in the UK printing industry.

Richard Orme Founder of Clear Ocean Pact

Richard Orme, founder of the Clear Ocean Pact (Credit: Clear Ocean Pact)

Leveraging his connections within the industry and running with the goodwill that environmental issues inspire, Richard has quickly made inroads around the world. Initiatives and collaborations that are raising awareness of the PACT internationally include helping to run and organise a beach clean in Sri Lanka, becoming an honouree member of the “Captain’s Cartel” in Ft Lauderdale, and joining forces with Professional Yachting Association (PYA), Crew Privilege, Yacht Crew Environmental Society (Y.E.S), theyachtchef and Kiwi Yacht Crew.

Support for the PACT has come from all corners of the yachting globe including six of the industry’s leading brokerages and management companies who are now actively promoting the PACT directly to their fleet of yachts, both managed and charter.

So far 28 yachts have adopted the PACT measuring a total length of 869m and employing some 188 crew, giving a potential single-use plastic saving of 6368kg a year. The PACT aims to have 1000 yachts signed up by 2020.

Just as important as the five cornerstone pledges is the sharing of resources and information to make these changes as easy and practical as possible. In order to educate pledgees about viable alternatives to single-use plastic the Clear Ocean Pact has established alliances with some fantastic yachting businesses already providing solutions.

Pledge 1: Finding solutions to reducing plastic bottled drinking water with; Water Without Waste, OCTO Marine, AQUAPAX and Berkey Water Filters.

Pledge 2: Putting an end to microplastic waste from washing machine discharge with The Guppyfriend, Cora Ball, Wexco and Berkey Water Filters.

Pledge 3: Helping to eliminate the use of single-use plastics with readily available alternatives is VIVECO.co and their brilliant range of products specifically selected for the superyacht sector.

Pledge 4: The innovative SALTWATER Crew Agency and their plastic free, ocean safe Suntribe sun cream, that is getting us started on our toiletries pledge.

Pledge 5: Superyacht Supplies – working with the PACT, alongside BURGESS and the provisioners to the Royal Households, to share ideas and find better solutions to start provisioning yachts with low impact  single-use plastic food packaging.

Irisha Girls Go Green Yachts 2

Eco-friendly ingredients for cleaning products: The stewardess on MY IRISHA have made inspiring changes onboard. (Credit: Jane Brécheteau)

The Clear Ocean Pact is not slowing down in 2019, with ambitions to to develop an online provisioning site where 'viable alternatives' will be promoted and sold directly to superyachts. The project will continue building relationships with owners, inviting their support to empower their crew to make small and consistent changes. Additionally, the PACT would like to undertake scientific research, recruiting yachts crossing the Atlantic to record microplastic pollution and also to analyse the journey of plastics from the yacht to recycling centre or dump.

As Richard says, “if we don't do something now to change our ways [...] there's going to be more plastic in the sea by 2050 than fish. Everyone is motivated to make a change and everyone needs to.”

Finally, applications are open to join the Clear Ocean Pact team as an ambassador for an 18-month paid term. Get in touch to find out more info@clearoceanpact.org.

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