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BoatSetter Brings the "New Sharing Economy" to the Boating Industry


"Collaborative consumption" and "sharing economy" are terms used to describe the booming online trend of owner-to-user rental transactions.

This online marketplace is stocked with services designed to make travel and transportation more convenient and budget friendly to consumers around the world. A South Florida-based, industry-changing startup, BoatSetter, has brought this easy, cost effective, and commitment-free type of product sharing to the open waters. 

BoatSetter is a unique, luxury online boat sharing marketplace focused on affordable, high quality, professionally captained recreational boat rentals.   

There are 16 million registered boats in the US.  According to a United States Coast Guard survey, these boats sit idle 95% of the time.  With recreational boats used an average of only 20 days per year, BoatSetter rental revenue will help carry the cost of these highly desirable but pricey assets while providing boat renters with unique access to the finest selection of privately owned boats at very affordable rates.

"The current boat market lacks lease or timeshare alternatives to the traditional boat ownership model," said Andy Sturner, CEO of BoatSetter. "Market trends indicate that consumers, especially young consumers, value flexibility over ownership which is creating an ominous age gap in the boating market.  The future of the boating industry hinges on our ability to reach younger consumers and BoatSetter is the solution."

In addition to offering an attractive win-win opportunity to both boat enthusiasts who aren't owners and owners whose boats aren't always in use, BoatSetter's national database of licensed captains gives renters the option of hiring a certified captain, which gives owners and renters comfort, and assures a safe pleasurable boating experience.

Along with providing all the foundational elements for a successful collaborative boating model, BoatSetter provides per-use hull and liability insurance, systems to pre-screen renters' boating experience, identities and boater education levels, and a mandatory post-rental rating by renters, owners, and captains. 

For more information, visit BoatSetter.com


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