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Blue Star Marina and Wind Nautical Insurance Announced Co-operation

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The Blue Star Marina certification has been acknowledged by Wind Nautical as partner to ensure a certain level of safety, security and organisation of marinas.

The comprehensive requirements that are raised during the assessment to become a Blue Star Marina imply a high level of quality and good housekeeping. Furthermore additional details concerning risks are checked during the inspection by the IMCI inspector.

Finally the insurance company is getting a detailed overview over the risks that need to be addressed in the insurance policy. Thereby, insurance gaps are avoided and the policy is really custom made to the needs of the individual marina.

The successful certification of a marina as Blue Star Marina enables Wind Nautical also to grant credit points when it comes to the insurance rate. Thus the certification helps the marina operator to save money on the insurance.

Wind Nautical is an experienced insurance broker in The Netherland since 1968. So far they served more than 1000 clients in the Watersport industry

IMCI in conjunction with Wind Nautical who are specialist Marine Trade insurance brokers announce a niche insurance package product covering all aspects of yacht and marine trade operations with emphasis on marina operators, yacht clubs, boat dealers and yacht repairers. This Marine Trade insurance product is underwritten by the Watkins syndicate at Lloyd’s through GJW Insurance, a service company to the Watkins syndicate.

Henricjan Wind, CEO of Wind Nautical and leading the company in 3rd generation states: the Blue Star Marina certification guarantees a thoroughly assessment of topics dealing with risk management. Therefore a certified marina is in advantage regarding the risk assessment.

IMCI Managing Director Ulrich Heinemann points out the win-win situation for the marina operator:

A marina being certified as Blue Star Marina gains from both, signalising the approved high quality to the watersport tourist and furthermore have a better standing with regards to risks that need to be insured.

Find further information on: www.bluestarmarina.org


The BLUE STAR MARINA CERTIFICATION presents a transparent system to indicate the quality level of marinas through a 3rd party of assessment. This marine certification programme uses a range between 1 and 5 stars to award certified marinas. Certification criteria are external presentation, security standards, sanitary installation and hygiene, customer service, management, environment protection and disposal, food availability, leisure and amenities, storage options. The program was established by IMCI in 2010 and is designed for all marinas regardless of size and/or location - coastal and inland.

The INTERNATIONAL MARINE CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE - IMCI - with headquarters in Brussels is a conformity assessment body notified by the EU to perform CE-certifications referring the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC as amended by 2003/44/EC. It was founded in 1993 and is now taking care for more than 2400 clients all over the world. IMCI’s portfolio includes the conformity assessment of recreational boats and components of the certification of companies, retailers and persons as well. As a result of its accreditation by the Belgian authorities, IMCI is working on a stable high quality level. For more information visit www.imci.org


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