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ACREW Launches ACREW+ As A Solution To Improve Crew Longevity

ACREW+ is a far-reaching service designed to provide superyachts with measurable tools to significantly improve crew retention and performance. Not only does this service provide a tangible cost saving to the vessel but it also positively impacts the overall crew experience.

It is widely understood that crew retention is often only 60 per cent compared to 90 per cent onshore. This is not only costly but also disturbs the productivity and cohesion on board. By looking at the wider corporate world we learn that understanding the personality profiles of your team members will significantly improve the motivation and longevity of that team.

Abi McGrath, ACREW Commercial & Strategic Director, goes on to explain: “Crew are not only the biggest cost centre for a vessel but they are also the lifeblood and personality of that superyacht. Investing in your crew will pay back dividends both financially and experientially.”

ACREW+ comprises of four key initial components CrewTalent, CrewMatch, CrewSkills and FutureCrew. These four services have been designed to save money through improved engagement, more highly skilled teams and overall better crew retention. To deliver upon this, ACREW has partnered with leading training experts Luxury Hospitality and technical innovators Sentini Marine.

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CrewTalent, powered by Luxury Hospitality: Each crew member undertakes a personality assessment, receives a report detailing their competences and then a professional insight specialist conducts a team debrief session to improve team cohesion through team results.

CrewMatch: The perfect complement to the crew recruitment process. CrewMatch enables you to find the individual best suited to match your specific team. Hire the best personality for the vacancy by analysing the CrewTalent in that department.

CrewSkills, powered by Sentini Marine: The comprehensive digital professional development application for all crew onboard. CrewSkills enables crew to complete their Training Record Books in a digital format alongside other on-the-job learning tools.

FutureCrew: Bring new career crew into superyachting through a trusted and professional program. Benefit from accessing motivated, personality-profiled green crew efficiently and with no placement charge.

ACREW+ provides a quantifiable answer to the question of how to improve crew retention. To request more information or to get a personalised quote, please visit www.acrew.com/acrewplus or contact Abi McGrath by email at abi@acrew.com.

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