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Acquera Yachting Announces Exclusive Partnership with Esperia Aviation

Ischia Acquera 2

Acquera Yachting announced yesterday that they have signed an exclusive agreement with Italian company Esperia Aviation to become the sole yachting agent with whom the aviation company will work in Italy.

This agreement follows on from a recent deal that saw Acquera Yachting granted the commercial rights to manage the superyacht berths at Casamicciola Marina, as well as the sole helipad on Ischia Island. Ischia Island is an ideal turnaround destination for owners and charters during the cruising season.

The helicopter transfer is key to increasing its accessibility, with the journey lasting just 20 minutes from Naples and 50 minutes from Rome.

Aside from the transfers, both companies recognised the opportunity and synergies to develop bespoke helicopter experiences for guests in the surrounding Italian region. This opens up a whole new array of guest experiences and means that they can get more out of their time in Italy. The tailor-made helicopter packages will range from gastronomic, shopping, sport and cultural experiences or anything that the guest wishes to do.

This is an important strategic development for Acquera Yachting, as one of the yacht agents' key objectives is to provide owners and guests with experiences that go beyond the standard concierge services.

Acquera Yachting Esperia Aviation

Esperia Aviation offers a state of the art fleet of double-crewed, twin-engine AgustaWestland A109 Grand, with an exclusive network of helipads and heliports throughout Italy. They provide VIP charter services for top end events that range from the World Economic Forum in Davos to Monza GP.

CEO of Acquera Yachting, Stefano Tositti commented, “This is a very exciting agreement for us, and once again it allows us to enhance and widen our offering of services to our clients. We are very ambitious with what we want to achieve with Acquera Yachting, and this is another natural step forward for us.”

“We are well accustomed to working with the highest level of clients and have a good understanding of how the superyacht industry works. We really look forward to developing new experiences together with Acquera Yachting,” added Walter Tirinnanzi, Business Development Manager of Esperia Aviation.

“This partnership makes imminent sense for all parties involved and each of us brings our own industry knowledge to the table. The end result will be world class experience and service for the superyacht owners and guests,” said Caterina Oliviero, Commercial Director of Acquera Yachting.


Photos supplied by Acquera Yachting

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