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Independence Day Celebrations at Briland Club Marina in The Bahamas

Briland Club Marina (BCM) is preparing for a busy summer season with a burgeoning development program and a full schedule of fun-filled celebrations for the upcoming U.S. and Bahamian Independence Days next month.

With the recent appointment of Kirk Aulin as its general manager, Briland Club Marina (formerly Harbour Island Marina) is becoming the jewel of the Caribbean with floating docks covered in wood, clean and reliable power and water, in-slip fuelling and pump-out, and a bespoke bar and grill.

Residential Development

With a glittering residential program of villas and cottages well underway, Kirk is thrilled to be witnessing first-hand Briland Club’s transformation into a state-of-the-art destination. 

“The growth of the project here is the marina first, to accommodate the yachts and provide a level of service while we develop the upland,” he explains. “There is a sports facility very close to breaking ground now, as well as a lounge for crew to exercise, play games, or just relax. It’s very exciting.”

“On the infrastructure front, we have clean and reliable power and water. Roads with utilities stubbed to each residential lot will be completed by July 2022. We have eight units on the water’s edge (each 2 bedroom and 2 ½ bathrooms) which are in various stages of construction. We’d like to finish that area first and then work our way back.”

Unique Island Charm

“This is a quaint island with a beautiful beach and wonderful people and the visitors that come here don’t come just one time; they repeat and become part of the community. Our marina is competing at a world class level, truly adding to the destination and it’s very exciting to be a part of it,” says Kirk 

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Owner Identity

Kirk has already noticed a specific owner demographic establishing at Briland Club. “I’m seeing a very comfortable client base who are very well travelled and who expect high quality services and amenities,” he adds. “This kind of client has always been attracted to Harbour Island, but now they have a place where they can bring big vessels to dock and relax in a world class location.” 

Community and Culture

With its village style culture, old school values and overwhelming friendliness, Harbour Island offers visitors a warm welcome. “You’re part of a unique community and experience here, there are a variety of amazing amenities for all,” he says.

Celebrate Independence Day Twice Over!

BCM has planned an exciting roster of events to celebrate U.S. Independence Day on July 4th and Bahamian Independence Day on July 10th, with live music, themed cuisine and a front row seat for the island’s firework displays.

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“We want to show respect to both Independence Days,” says Kirk. “July 4th is a big event for us; it will be American-themed, we’ll have live music and U.S. style cuisine and we’ll do the same thing on July 10th when we’ll be serving a variety of Bahamian cuisine with a Bahamian band playing. Visitors will find themselves immersed in the Bahamian way of life.

“It will be a busy and exciting week for us with lots of hustle and bustle and people coming by to see what’s going on, and this continues to support the level of interest in this project.”

Don’t delay – book your mooring

With marina berths starting to sell for the July celebrations – a total of 43 berths includes 28 megayacht moorings - there is a host of other benefits to staying at BCM, including a convenient floating dinghy dock (only one on the island) enabling access to one of the Bahamas most amazing watering holes, Bar480, which boasts the sunset views on the island. Guests can also enjoy a game of bocce ball, or shop at the Little Island Shop.

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“Having that access means boaters can just pull up and jump out to enjoy a delicious meal and a few drinks and enjoy the view from wherever they are staying,” adds Kirk. “Whether staying at another marina or anchoring out, BCM welcomes guests to enjoy the amazing experiences at Briland Club Marina

With in-slip fuelling and pump out services, BCM’s appeal is universal. “We are one of the very few marinas that offer these services, as well as 480v power and two entry points, one either side of the island,” adds Kirk.

“Even our branded shop has become a star attraction for shoppers who come here looking for quality products. There’s nothing here that isn’t branded and high quality. We are doing all the right things and, above all, we pride ourselves on being hands on and friendly.”

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