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The Untapped Potential of Water

Steve Wright 5

Since my last post An Innovation in Water Technology published in May 2016, much has transpired after further design renders and study of the phenomenon of water structure change at the sub atomic level.

That is, H2O is greater by mass in hydrogen and therefore the molecular structure is positive in its charge. This is contrary to the order of similar water structures that are found in the cells of healthy organisms, in which we find a negative charge and this can only be the case if the greater mass within the molecular structure is oxygen.

Given that the proton is amphiprotic and therefore structure change is possible, is it a matter of energy induction through a specific frequency resonance that causes a manipulative order of sub-atomic structure change?

Dr. Gerald Pollack a professor of bio-engineering has made great gains in the examination and understanding of what water actually is. His proven theories reveal a revolutionary understanding of the sub-atomic structure of water, and what influences causes change in the same structures.

Meanwhile, Dr. Masaru Emoto, born in Yokohama, Japan (1943–2014), believed that water was a blueprint and that different frequencies can change the physical structure of water.

Dr. Emoto's water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses/bottles to different words or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography.

His studies provided evidence of the particular changes possible given particular frequency exposures, in this case the spoken word and musical energy potentials.

Quantum sciences also indicate this real energy potential existence. But I digress...

In short energies/frequencies affect the structure of water, this much we know.

We observe through Dr. Pollack's work, the production/separation of Exclusion Zone (EZ) water. This water is the same water as we find in the tissues of healthy, living organisms, where the charge in sub-atomic water structure is negative. Therefore, it is not H2O because, as we know, H2O is positive in its sub-atomic charge due to the greater mass density being Hydrogen. So, have you joined the dots yet?

The water in the cells of my fish in my 300 litre home aquarium is not the same water I use from the tap to fill the tank. As a result, I have issues with algae and water borne diseases because these nasties multiply in water that is positive in charge. If the water in my tank was like natural water, it would be the same as the water inside the cells of my fish, and you, where the charge is negative because the greater mass is Oxygen, not Hydrogen. Would you agree?

After much calculation and work, I have designed a device that does exactly that, converts water from being positive in charge to negative, in a closed loop constant flow environment, from H2O to H3O2. A bold statement I know.

This is possible through the use of specific frequency generation and water exposure time, causing polarization and sub-atomic structure change. We can see reduction and gain of vector quantity of molecular field density, the dipole transition moment and the negative charge outcome in a new take on science; bio mimicry, to better serve and advance humankind.

If you’re an angel investor, the future is at hand here.

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