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An Innovation in Water Technology

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In the beginning, there was light, then earth, then water. Approximately 97 percent of the earth’s water is salt water, 3 percent is fresh water and less than 1 percent of that is fit for human consumption. It's time we got smart with what we have left on the planet and now there's an exciting new innovation in the pipeline.

What we understand about water is very little in truth. We all believe it rains, and the water goes into dams then through pipes and pumps, and then it comes out of our tap at home when we open the valve, right? Yes that`s right but, it’s not the same water from the dam.

The water you use to fill your pool, yacht, your fish tank or indeed your bath/Jacuzzi has changed. The water you use no longer has the oxygen content it had when it left the dam.

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swimming poolAfter traveling sometimes thousands of miles in steel pipes via pumping stations, the water you use has changed completely. It is still water, but not the same in its sub-atomic structure or in its capacity to contain the vital oxygen molecules in the right order, necessary for healthy water.

As a consequence, bacteria, viruses and pathogens flourish in it readily, nasties like meningitis (which I had as a 12 year old child and survived), Legionnaires, blue-green algae etc… are all outcomes from water which has been changed; rather, its sub-atomic structure has been changed.                                           

Now that we know this, we can start to do something about it, to correct the water we use so it is healthy again. We can reduce or even eradicate viruses and bacteria that can harm us, our children and our environment. Isn’t that worth doing just on its own?                                                                                   


When water is pumped and then piped, it goes through a series of energy exposures, namely pressure changes, cavitation, temperature changes, it is mashed and squeezed, all unnatural or man-made effects. This has an effect on water where it changes in its structure, like building blocks being placed in a different order. It is all scientific, but essentially like a battery, it has changed from being negative in its charge, to being positive.

The water in the cells of a fish or a lettuce is negative, so why are we using water we have made that is positive in charge? Is this a logical thing to do?



I have designed a device to correct water's sub-atomic structure by allowing a natural water re-ordering phenomenon to occur, to change the building blocks back to how they were.

This in turn reorganises the water structure such that oxygen is the greater mass, not hydrogen, so we have oxygen rich water, we have changed the battery back to a negative charge as it was before we altered it with pumps and pipes.

Like music, frequencies have a shape or form. If you look in the picture below, there is an example of different frequency measurements, in the bottom line or sinus wave form, this is what happens if we combine the top two.

elegant sinus frequency chain


This is to show the relationship between water, introduced frequencies and changes that occurs, just like boiling water in a microwave oven or turning on your Jacuzzi pumps.


Because you are now supplying oxygen enriched water to your fish tank/farm or hydroponics garden/farm, the need for fertilizers is greatly reduced. Moreover, the concern for water born viruses and bacteria is also greatly reduced simply because they do not thrive in oxygen rich water.

Also for those of you with swimming pools or Jacuzzis, there is a greatly reduced need for chlorine's and salts, they are no longer required when using this device.

These are bold statements but the proof is in the pudding, and that's exactly what the research is showing, based on the collection of data using the device to substantiate the claims made here.

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The target market for this technology is the aqua-culture industry, fish farms, domestic fish tanks, hydroponics, pools/Jacuzzi`s etc. This is an enhancement technology of existing systems.                             

This innovation simply fits onto the end the water pipe supplying your fish tank, hydroponics garden or swimming pool/Jacuzzi. It will be made to fit all current pipe sizes, with adapters to fit non-standard sizes also.

This technology is just as important as your fish tank or pool water pump, to maintain a healthy bio system for you and your family and your much loved fish or lettuce. No longer having to change out your tank water as often due to pollution issues also saves you time and money.

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This technology is not just for domestic users but also applicable to large industrial aquariums and pools like Sea World, Marine World and the London Aquarium.

We can now start using our water resources better, because we understand it better. Potentially, this device will revolutionize our understanding of water and current consumption rates. This is a mega-billion dollar industry, with the hydroponics market alone worth $27 billion.


Currently, I am seeking finances to continue the research and development of this extraordinary device in hydrodynamic testing which is currently taking place at the Institute of Technology (Unitec) in Auckland, New Zealand. This is the first phase of testing with my design, and thereafter it goes to the University of Auckland for further scientific testing. The data from this will perfect the function of the water rectifier device, which I call "The Pipe".

It is not just about a product, it's about a greater collective movement in advancing human awareness and science with a resource that is at the heart of life itself.

Please review the link below, and I would like to thank you for your time and support in providing this project with empowerment.

*Image credits: Wikimedia Commons CC2.0

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