MYBA Superyacht Chefs' Competition 2018: The Winners!

Posted: 4th May 2018 | Written by: MYBA

MYBA Chefs 2018

On Thursday 26 April the winners of the 2018 MYBA Superyacht Chefs' Competition were announced at a prize giving ceremony that was characterised by a plethora of smiling faces and loud cheers.

The theme this year was "Finger Food" and the competition was fierce.

After careful deliberation, the panel of judges drew up the list of winning chefs.

The chef awarded 1st place in the category 'Yachts 56m and over' was Lauren Everet of S/Y Seahawk. Lauren is a passionate chef who loves working with fresh, local produce to create memorable meals that suit the dietary requirements of her guests. Her desire to learn has led her to seek out training in a variety of world cuisines and develop an innovative skill set encompassing molecular gastronomy, raw food, butchery and cake design.


The chefs in this year's competition. Credit: Paul McDermott

Yachts 56 and over

1st place - Lauren Everet (S/Y "SEAHAWK")
2nd place - Toine Smulders (M/Y "SHERAKHAN")
3rd place - David Keates (M/Y "JAGUAR")

JAGUAR StuartPearce S145

Chef David Keates on M/Y Jaguar. Credit: Stuart Pearce

Yachts from 43 to 55m

1st place - Andrea Compidonico (M/Y "VICTORY")
2nd place - Phil Wallis (M/Y "MARAYA")
3rd place - Karlo Kaleb  (M/Y "AIAXAIA")

AIAXAIA StuartPearce L224

Chef Karlo Kaleb's curious and beautiful creations on M/Y Aiaxaia won him third place. Credit: Stuart Pearce

Yachts up to 42m

1st place - James Wright  (M/Y "AWOL")
2nd place - Simon Whitelaw  (M/Y "MANIFIQ")
3rd place - Benjamino Quinton  (M/Y "HEAVENLY DAZE")

HEAVENLY DAZE StuartPearce S344

Finger food on M/Y Heavenly Daze. Credit: Stuart Pearce

There was also a special mention for Neil Walker of M/Y "ELIXIR" and for Paul Hamilton of M/Y "Joy".  

Congratulations to winners and a warm round of applause for all the chefs that participated. SKYFALL2 StuartPearce S009

Celebrating 30 years of MYBA on M/Y Skyfall. Credit: Stuart Pearce

The Tablescaping Competition Winners

Thursday afternoon included the revelation of the winners of the tablescaping competition whose theme this year was "MYBA's 30th Anniversary" and was open to the crew of the yachts with chefs participating in the Chefs' Competition. The winners of the Tablescaping Competition are:

Yachts 56 and over

1st place - Tabitha Lewtas  (M/Y "JOY")

JOY StuartPearce S080

Delicate plates of food on M/Y Joy. Credit: Stuart Pearce

Yachts from 43 to 55m

1st place - Katarina Markioli  (M/Y "AIAXAIA")

AIAXAIA2 StuartPearce L209

Saying it with flowers on M/Y Aiaxaia. Credit: Stuart Pearce

Yachts up to 42m

1st place - Giverny Cowie  (M/Y "AWOL")

Stews The stews in the competition. Credit: Paul McDermott

The Meet & Greet Competition Winners

Last but certainly not least, we have the names of the winners of the "Meet & Greet" Competition which made its inaugural appearance at the 2018 Show.

Yachts 56 and over

1st place - Captain Dean Pilatti and crew  (M/Y "JAGUAR")

Yachts from 43 to 55m

1st place - Captains Simon Ladbrooke/Sean Read and crew  (M/Y "ELIXIR")

Yachts up to 42m

1st place - Captain Tristan Mortlock and crew  (M/Y "AWOL")

A special mention was made for Captain James Carlyle and his crew  (M/Y "MANIFIQ").

The judges

The esteemed judges of this year's competition. Credit: Paul McDermott

A warm thank you to the sponsors of the 6th MYBA Superyacht Chefs' Competition, Yachts International and World Wine Services, and to the prize givers, Luxury Hospitality Academy, Amandine International Chef Placement, Sabor Provisioning Barcelona, hello Yacht, World Wine Services, Yachts International, Port Vauban CCI, Linen Lintea and La Mère Germaine.


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