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Survey: Working Conditions for Superyacht Crew

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The International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) and MHG Insurance are keen to hear your views on how the working life of superyacht crew could be improved.

If you're working onboard a superyacht we welcome your participation in a short survey and thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts, experiences and time! Your contribution will make a real difference to the working conditions of current and future crew. 

Questions will address food, cabins and communications, and the health and wellbeing of male and female crew working onboard.

The purpose of the survey is to:

  • Highlight areas of welfare needs among seafarers on superyachts.

  • Establish what is working well and what needs to be improved.

  • Explore the extent to which existing seafarer welfare structures meet these needs or whether there is scope for new provision.

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A recent survey commissioned by Yachting Pages Media Group found that 75% of crew surveyed said that the industry is not doing enough to tackle mental health problems for seafarers or care for their overall wellbeing.

'Maritime welfare organisations are used to dealing with seafarers on cargo and cruise ships. The number of seafarers in the yacht sector has grown to around 35,000, and we need to know more about the challenges which are specific to the superyacht sector. As seafarers on superyachts are covered by the provisions of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention their welfare needs - at sea and ashore - should be better known and provided for,' said Roger Harris, Executive Director of ISWAN. 

Andrew Dudzinski, CEO of MHG Insurance Brokers, explained their support for the initiative: 'The welfare of all crew, but especially those who are insured with MHG, is a primary concern for us. The mental and physical health and wellbeing of these seafarers is not just a professional interest. We want to know better what makes them tick and how their time at sea can be improved.' 

Andrew Wright, Secretary General of the Mission to Seafarers, who are assisting with the distribution of the survey, said: 'Yacht crew do an amazing job, catering to a small but very influential clientele, providing a phenomenal level of professionalism and service. For most crew this is a satisfying and wonderful job, but we need to see where improvements can be made.' 

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Superyacht crew can answer the survey below - all responses are kept anonymous and you can also leave some questions blank.

Results will be reported on the ISWAN website in December 2018. 


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For further information please contact:

Tom Holmer: ISWAN, Croydon, UK; Telephone: +44 20 8253 0163; tom.holmer@iswan.org.uk; Mobile: +44 7807 311852 

Diana Gonzalez: MHG Insurance Brokers, Florida, USA; Telephone: +1 954 548 3581; dianag@mhginsurance.com; Mobile: +1 954 232 2957   

Further Research 

If you'd like to participate in further research (with a contribution for your time), please refer to the final page of this survey, or email oliviaswift@gmail.com.

Olivia Swift is a researcher and anthropologist who has conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research on a range of topics, many related to seafarers’ experience of systems and digital products.

Olivia is also a university ‘research impact’ manager – translating academic research for wider application, fostering partnerships between academics and external organisations - especially in the creative, cultural, heritage and maritime sectors.


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