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Save the Med Launches Digital Resources and Live Lessons

While all Save the Med's field activities are cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, its team are developing digital resources, live lessons and games inspired by the underwater world to share with all who would like to learn more about our ocean and act for its protection during and beyond times like these.

Learn about some of our digital initiatives below with more to come.

Save the Med Live Lessons on YouTube

This week saw the launch of the STM Live lessons together with marine scientist and captain of the research vessel Toftevaag, Ricardo Sagarminaga, who told us all about the turtles of the Mediterranean, why we tag them with satellite tags during our expeditions and how we use the data we obtain to better protect them!

Tune in again this Wednesday 1st April for a talk on microplastics with Jasmine Spavieri and don't miss Biel Morey's talk about sharks on Friday! Stay tuned for more LIVE lessons next week! 

Dos Manos Schools Programme

Save The Med’s education team has developed a digital version of its popular Dos Manos Schools programme which is now made available to anyone who’d like to engage their students or children in the topic of plastic pollution during and after these times of home confinement, no matter where you are! 

The Dos Manos Digital Package is free of charge. It’s aimed at students aged 14 and above but can be adapted to younger kids as well. The package is made available online in Spanish, Catalan and English and includes:

  • Access to an educational video on the topic of plastic pollution in the marine environment. 

  • An infographic on the Dos Manos beach clean results from 2019, with over 150.000 categorised items from beaches all around Mallorca (included in documents below). 

  • Student Workbook with questions related to the video content, the beach clean data and to possible solutions plus a call to action: to develop ideas and implement projects that may help reduce the use of single use plastics.

  • Questions and Answers sheet or 'textbook' covering all of the above, to be used as a teaching resource and/or autocorrection tool. 

  • An invitation to participate in the Changemakers Project (for secondary school students from Mallorca who will be 15 years or above before mid July 2020). 

Download the materials here and access the educational video here.

The materials are divided into three sections: 

  • The problem of plastic pollution 

  • Data analysis of plastic pollution survey results  

  • The solutions - includes conclusions and a solutions workshop that can be done individually or in groups

Save the Med would really appreciate knowing how these materials are being used. If you choose to use them, please consider sending an email to ana@savethemed.org to explain the manner in which they are being used, the number of students using them and their age group.

The Changemakers Project for 2020 is going strong

Another meaningful project to work on from home is the Changemakers Project! Given the creative and flexible nature of this project, students can participate and work on their ideas via online meetings and make the most out of these weeks at home!

On the website you can also download a "Changemakers at home booklet"  with suggestions on how teams can work on their projects from home. Any limitations due to the lockdown will be taken into consideration during project evaluation.

Images: Pixabay 


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