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RMBIDS Marine Equipment Auctions Website Re-Launches

RMBIDS, the world’s first online platform for marine equipment auctions, has launched a new and improved website, expanding its services and heralding a new era of fair maritime trade.

In the age of GDPR, the new site offers additional privacy features and both sellers and buyers have the option to remain anonymous. 

Additionally, RMBIDS’ Private Room function provides owners with a virtual auction space to sell to pre-agreed purchasers, all of whom sign an NDA to protect the owner’s identity.  

The website offers an enhanced user experience to make each step in the trading process as easy as possible. Alongside the new website, RMBIDS has also engaged Google partners, Relevance, to deliver a global digital marketing strategy, and will expand its social media and direct mail campaigns. The owners have ambitious plans to take the platform to new heights, expanding the user base to allow the entire shipping industry to benefit.


Advantages for buyers, sellers and manufacturers 

With a transparent, online bidding process, RMBIDS offers everything from cranes to diving equipment, thrusters, helidecks, cargo boats and sailing yachts.

For sellers the advantages include access to over 10,000 potential pre-vetted buyers, a strict 'no cure no pay' policy, and the ability to secure the best prices, negotiated upwards from a base price rather than down from asking price.

Buyers benefit from access to ships that would otherwise be unavailable, procuring equipment through a standardised sales process with approved sellers, flexible financing and transport options.

Co-owner Roland Brautigam comments, “RMBIDS.com is the first online bidding platform specialised 100% in the maritime sector and fills a gap for sellers and buyers of marine equipment. We are extremely excited as we believe the maritime sector has been waiting for such an online platform which allows for the quick, transparent and easy sale and purchase of marine equipment.”

Frequent bidder, Peter Parkinson, Global Explorer Sdn Bhd, adds, “Having bought various marine equipment through this online bidding site in 2017, our experience has been very positive. The registration and bidding process was simple and the team assisted with the sale, documentation and the shipping of the equipment from Europe to Singapore. We can highly recommend them and look forward to procuring or selling more equipment on the new rebranded site.”

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