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PYA Hosts Guest Awareness Workshop

On 19th November 2015, following the forthcoming Global Superyacht Forum at METS in Amsterdam, the PYA will be hosting its second PYA GUEST Awareness Workshop at Miele Nederland B.V, De Limiet 2, 4131 NR Vianen, The Netherlands.

Three years ago, with the assistance of a large group of industry stakeholders, the PYA launched the GUEST (Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training) initiative as a framework for improving standards of training for those working in the interior department of superyachts and, by doing so, enabling them to provide an enhanced level of service.

To date the PYA has accredited over 20 Training Schools, all around the world, to offer the GUEST training syllabus and these Training Schools have, so far, issued 3,759 certificates to crew who have successfully completed one or more modules of the training.

The Awareness Workshop on the 19th Nov is aimed at high-profile industry professionals, including senior crew, owner's representatives, management personnel and those who deal with and supply the interior departments and it aims to inform the participants about the benefits of the GUEST Program as well as to demonstrate the level of training provided.

In addition, there will be discussion of related issues and an opportunity for providing the feedback that is essential for the continuing development of this important initiative.

To attend, please use the registration link which can be found at www.pya.org.


GUEST original

The GUEST (Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training) platform has been developed by industry professionals in the yachting sector to provide a bespoke and relevant education program for interior crew.

With a large number (currently 23) of renowned training providers accredited by the PYA to offer this training, we are successfully increasing the professionalism in onboard service given by interior crew worldwide.

The Professional Yachting Association (PYA) have for some time been reaching out to the yachting sector with regards to providing appropriate and relevant training for the Interior yacht crew we represent.

The Superyacht industry as a whole provides and endorses “excellence” in every aspect of the industry: from design to build and from shore support to products and supplies. However, the need to better support and endorse training for the very people who are charged with taking care of and showcasing these products of excellence to the owners continues to be overlooked and has been somewhat left to the PYA to deal with singlehandedly.

It’s time now for the whole industry to understand that without properly-trained and professional “front line” crew, the show falls apart. Whilst millions of dollars are spent on all other facets, the fundamental aspect of undergoing interior crew training - which essentially creates the owners’ experiences, has been left up to inexperienced individuals to decide whether or not they feel they need it. If we want a professional industry from top to bottom we must ensure that those individuals who are expected to provide excellence in service are encouraged and fully supported in being able to do so.

We cannot currently make interior training a mandatory requirement, but as a sector we do have the power and responsibility to make this training an industry-led need, to ensure that excellence is being universally delivered. It is for this reason that it is essential that associations and those who provide the highest quality of service and supplies in every other aspect of the industry are supporting us in this to allow the full alignment of excellence to take place.

In short, if there is little or no demand, interior crew will not see the necessity in investing in interior crew training programs. If the demand does not come directly from the industry professionals who represent the yacht Owners themselves (in all aspects) then we will continue to struggle to find professionals to join our sector.

Currently, we are still attracting too many back-packers and seasonal workers who do not want to invest in professional development. If we can create in prospective interior crew members a mindset which focuses on the provision of hospitality and service to the highest of standards (as the hotel, private aviation and other hospitality sectors do) we will attract a more focused and professional intake of interior crew to our sector. This is exactly what Yacht Owners and Charter guests alike expect and deserve to enjoy.


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