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Nine Sea Shepherd Documentaries to Watch Now

With the majority of the world currently stuck indoors as concerns heighten around the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), there’s more time than ever to curl up with a good book or lose yourself in an inspiring documentary.

Looking for something to watch at home? To keep you inspired during these difficult circumstances, Sea Shepherd has put together a list of nine of its ocean conservation films that you can stream online. Whether you host a watch party with your friends, join our Facebook Premiere events or watch in your own time, we hope that these documentaries help to remind you of all the incredible things we have achieved together.

Along with much of the country, Sea Shepherd has made some adjustments to its operations in an effort to keep everyone safe. Currently, the Sea Shepherd Australia team is working from home, and has postponed or cancelled its upcoming events. We'll keep you updated on how and where you can join them in defending the oceans again soon!

Here are Sea Shepherd's top documentaries we recommend you start streaming right now:

The Shark Cull (48 mins)

The Shark Cull explores the controversial Western Australian shark cull that took place between January and April 2014. This explosive documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in the protection of sharks and marine conservation.

Join Sea Shepherd for the Facebook Premiere of the Shark Cull with shark defence campaigner Jonathan Clark on Thursday the 26th of March at 8pm AEDT. Get reminder.

Sea Shepherd - The Shark Cull - 895x599

Jeedara (46 mins) 

Celebrate the victory of oil-giant Equinor recently becoming the fourth fossil fuel company to withdraw their plans for the Great Australian Bight by watching Jeedara. This film tells the story of Sea Shepherd’s campaign that saw the M/V Steve Irwin sail into the heart of the Great Australian Bight in 2016 to document the beauty of the region.

Join the Facebook Premiere of Jeedara including a Q&A with Sea Shepherd Australia's Managing Director and Bight Defence Campaign Leader Jeff Hansen on Thursday the 2nd of April at 8pm AEST. Don't miss out! Keep an eye on Facebook for information on how to set a reminder for yourself.

Sea Shepherd - Jeedara - 893x666

Untrashing Djulpan (25 mins) 

This powerful documentary tells the story of the collaborative marine debris campaign between Sea Shepherd’s passionate crew and Indigenous Rangers from Northeast Arnhem Land, NT. Join the Facebook screening of Untrashing Djulpan on the 9th of April at 8pm AEST. Stay tuned for how to set a reminder for yourself on their Facebook page. 

Sea Shepherd - Untrashing Djulpan - 893x598

Defending Turtles in Cabo Verde (12 mins)

Every year, tonnes of discarded fishing gear wash up on the beaches of Cabo Verde, a remote island nation in the central Atlantic Ocean, where thousands of loggerhead sea turtles come to lay their eggs. Sea Shepherd and local conservation organisation Biosfera have teamed up to remove this deadly fishing gear from the beaches and stop it from choking the mother and baby turtles before they safely reach the waters. Watch this inspiring video about our campaign to protect the turtles of Cabo Verde. 

Sea Shepherd - Cabo Verdi - 896x592

Stand Fast: 40 Years Defending Whales (7 mins)

Sea Shepherd has been defending whales since it shut down the illegal whaling ship Sierra in 1979. From Soviet Russia and Norway to the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica, Sea Shepherd's fleet has protected whales in every corner of the world. This short film, produced in 2017, celebrates our 40 year history of protecting whales. Watch on YouTube. 

Sea Shepherd - Standfast - 893x595

Chasing The Thunder (1hr 36mins) 

A high-seas documentary about Sea Shepherd’s epic 110-day, 10,000-mile chase of the Thunder, considered the world’s most notorious poaching vessel. Stream for free on 7plus (Only available in Australia).

Sea Shepherd - Ocean Warriors - 897x678

Operation Kimberley Miinimbi Documentary (28 mins)

At the beginning of August 2012, the M/V Steve Irwin travelled halfway around Australia to descend upon Walmadan (also known as James Price Point) in Western Australia - the site of the world's largest humpback whale nursery. With Woodside proposing the construction of the second-largest gas processing plant in the world at Walmadan, Sea Shepherd launched Operation Kimberley Miinimbi: a  campaign to bring worldwide attention to the Kimberley coastline and show the world what we all stand to lose if the development goes ahead. Watch on YouTube. 

Operation Kimberley Minimbi - 896x596

Defend, Conserve, Protect (1hr 16mins) 

Narrated by Dan Aykroyd, Defend, Conserve, Protect documents a campaign to the Southern Ocean to confront the Japanese whaling fleet in an epic battle to defend minke whales. This incredible true story shows what happens when a small group of determined people stand up to enforce international conservation laws. Rent on YouTube for $6.99.

Sea Shepherd - Defend Conserve Protect - 899x539

Galapagos (34 mins)

Off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Archipelago is famed throughout the world for its unique plant and animal species. Over the years, Sea Shepherd has maintained a strong and positive presence in the Galapagos Islands, from working to stamp out the illegal poaching of sharks to initiating the K9 unit: its partnership with the Galapagos police to stop the illegal smuggling of wildlife. Produced in 2011, this documentary shows the work that the team has been carrying out to assist in the protection of the Galapagos Marine Reserve and the life within it. Watch on YouTube.

Sea Shepherd - Galapagos - 897x138

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