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Join 'The Great Cigarette Butt Clean-Up'

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Asociacion Ondine invites you to join the international "Great cigarette butt clean-up"! The record breaking project is organised by Miguel Garau, a personal trainer and activist and founder of “No más colillas en el suelo” (No more cigarette butts on the ground) with the aim of raising awareness about the pollution caused by discarded cigarette butts in the environment. Find all the information and follow the latest happenings on the main Facebook event page!

Where is it?

Wherever you are!

Participants from all over the world are joining the project by collecting cigarette butts in their towns/beaches and uploading the photos to social media! The core event is organised in Barcelona and smaller events are organised all over the world, including in Palma de Mallorca! Visit the Mallorca event page here.

When is it happening?

It has already started and is going on until the final day the 7th July, when all cigarette butts and participants will gather and be photographed, and photos from all over the world will be uploaded with a common hashtag used exclusively on that day!

How can I participate?

There are many ways! Choose what works for you from the options below!

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1. Collect cigarette butts!

  • Collect cigarette butts, alone or with friends and family, when you visit the beach, parks or other contaminated areas. 

  • Send photos of your results to mari@asociacionondine.org 

  • Save the cigarette butts in a closed container until the 7/7 and join us in Palma for the big day! 

  • If you can’t make it on the 7/7, hand us your collection beforehand and we will include it for you!

2. Organise a public cigarette butt hunt!

  • Contact us to organise one or several public cigarette butt hunt in for area. Last year our volunteers organised several fun cigarette butt hunts on beaches around Mallorca. Some were combined with swims, social activities and jam sessions on the beach and everyone who wished was welcome to join! 

  • We’ll provide the materials you need and help you create a Facebook event to invite people to join you. You will coordinate the event, take photos of it and send them to mari@asociacionondine.org, and save the cigarette butts in a closed container for the event in Palma on the 7/7. 

  • If you can’t make it on the 7/7, hand us your collection beforehand and we will include it for you!

3. Join the final event 7/7 in Palma!

  • We’ll be organising a social evening gathering in Palma. A relaxed, single-use-plastic-free event with nice music and fun activities.
  • During the event we will gather all the cigarette butts collected to date in one spot and take photos to upload with the exclusive hashtag for the record breaking event!

4. Help us organise the event in Palma!

  • We are looking for volunteers and collaborators for different aspects of the final event on the 7/7. We will need help with organisation of activities, promotion, coordination and logistics. You can help with all of it or parts of it depending on your availability. 

  • If you have a business and would like to offer food for the participants, or if you have a talent and would like to share it with us during the evening, please get in touch with us. We'd love to talk to you! 

Contact mari@asociacionondine.org for more information!

You can follow what Asociación Ondine are up to, and get involved, through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 


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