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Dramatic Pictures of Fire Heading Towards Superyacht

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A crew member from a large yacht, has taken some dramatic pictures of burning boats in a Shipyard in Savona in Italy, floating towards the nearby yachts.

The crew on board the yacht were enjoying their Sunday evening meal in the crew mess, when one of them spotted the flames and alerted everyone to a fire nearby.

fire 3

When the crew moved outside, they were met with thick black smoke emerging from some smaller burning boats moored nearby.

The local fire brigade had been alerted and were in full firefighting mode, but the lines of one of the burning vessels had burnt through and the boat was drifting dangerously towards the yacht.

fire 8

The crew sprung to action using the yacht’s own fire hoses, and assisted the local firemen in putting out the fires.

Half an hour later the fires were out and the firemen were in control of the situation.

Five of the small boats sank while the remaining smaller boats were partially damaged or burnt.

fire 1

Fortunately, and thanks to the swift reaction of the yacht crew, there was no damage to the Superyacht and no one was injured.

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