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Bermuda: The Right Venue for the America's Cup?

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Bermuda, the tiny British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic, surprised a lot of people, not least the major U.S cities vying to host the event, when it won the bid to host the 2016 America's Cup.

The archipelago of Bermuda is 650 miles from the nearest land, Cape Hatteras in the U.S and therefore is not the obvious choice for an event that attracts thousands of visitors.

In Bermuda, you cannot drive a car unless you hold a Bermudan driving licence, this leaves the choice of very expensive taxis, or hiring a scooter. More basic problems exist like the lack of space to build the acres needed to build the park area.

Problems aside, there are many positives to Bermuda hosting the 35th America's Cup and there is a consensus that 2016 will be a very different event to everything that has gone before.

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