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And the Overall Winner of the DAME Award 2013 is...

DAME awards mets

METS 2013 started with the announcement of this year’s DAME Category Winners and the Overall Winner. 

Bill Dixon, Chairman of the Jury of the DAME, presented the Award to this year's Category Winners and Overall Winner of the prestigious prize, Sleipner Motor. 


Overall Winner : Sleipner Motor for the vector fin stabilizers


DAME vector fin stabilizersSince inception this competition has highlighted excellent examples of how a commonplace item of marine equipment can be reimagined and redesigned to improve its function and form. In naming the vector fin stabilizers as DAME Award Winner this tradition continues.

Sleipner Motor has thought out of the box to produce a fin that better suits many of the modern hull forms to which stabilisers are becoming a standard fit.

The elegant curved shape of the fin beneficially directs force to improve roll reduction and decrease the side effects of yaw and sway. It also increases the leverage arm around the vessel’s rolling point and minimizes drag.

This is an incredibly simple solution to improving the experience of boat owners and their guests. The Jury also noted the slim line form of the vector fin’s SPS55 actuator, a welcome design feature that will assist designers and boat builders.

You can view the product at METS Stand: 11.807


Category: Marine Electronics and Marine Related Software 

Winner: Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System

DAME volvo penta cockpit systemThe Glass Cockpit System has been developed by Volvo Penta in partnership with Garmin to provide a dashboard for the helmsman that is as integrated as that experienced by the drivers of modern cars.

All of the key systems on a boat, from navigation to engines, can be monitored and controlled on touch screen displays.

The Jury liked the clean design, intuitive interface and integrated approach of the Glass Cockpit System – a worthy winner in a hotly contested category.

Stand: 09.208

Category: Interior Equipment, Furnishing, Materials and Electrical Fittings Used in Cabins

Winner: Oceanair Skysol Motion

DAME blind oceanairThe Skysol Motion combines the convenience of a roller blind with the look and feel of a pleated blind.

Available in a wide range of fabrics, the blind retracts away into a housing via a specially designed recoil mechanism.

The Jury admired this product for its simplicity, compact form and ease of installation.

Stand: 11.009 & 11.016


Category: Marina Equipment, Boatyard Equipment and Boat Construction Tools and Materials

Winner:  Vanclaes boat trailer

DAME trailer Vanclaes2A strongly built boat trailer with a bold design, striking use of materials and distinctive branding, the Vanclaes offers something different in this sector.

The Jury in particular appreciated the sturdy walkaround access platform to keep feet out of the water when launching or retrieving and the integrated waterproof lights avoiding the need for a separate trailer board.

Stand: 01.235

Category: Deck Equipment, Sails and Rigging

Winner: Nomen Clip-cleat

DAME clip cleatJust when you think every variation of a cleat must have been designed, then along comes a very clever and elegant alternative.

This cleat features spring-loaded ends that present a smooth profile to avoid snags and injuries when closed but can be pressed aside as you make a line off or release it.

The Jury was very impressed with the Clip-cleat, admiring the great balance of this product between function and form and also the quality of the end product.

Stand: 04.230

Category: Clothing and Crew Accessories

Winner: READING boarding ring

DAME seasickness glassesOffered in several models including child and sunglass versions, the common feature of boarding ring glasses is that they provide a virtual horizon in the peripheral field of view of the wearer.

They are used to cure motion sickness when symptoms appear. All models except the sunglass type can be worn over prescription lenses.

The Jury didn’t consider boarding ring glasses to be a fashion statement but also understands when you are sea sick that doesn’t matter! It welcomes the launch of an innovative solution, strong on functional design, which focuses on improving crew comfort at sea.

Stand: 04.408A

Category: Lifesaving and Safety Equipment

Winner: Fraser Optics Monolite

DAME monolite2The Fraser Optics Mariner Series 14x40mm Gyro-Stabilized Monolite removes up to 98% of image motion caused by hand or boat movement.

Buoyant, submersible and shockproof, this device provides double the magnification of traditional ship binoculars in a way that should still prove usable at sea.

The Jury appreciated the industrial design effort of the Monolite, making for a visually pleasing and easy-to-handle product.

Fraser Optics is the manufacturer of the Monolite & Port Supply is the authorized distributor, both are present at METS.

Stand: 11.308

All 2013 nominated and winning innovations as well as the jury report can be found in the DAME stand in the Holland Complex, Entrance C.   


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