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Warning to all Vessels Entering Libyan Waters

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The Internationally recognised government of Libya and the Libyan Air Force (LNA), has sent out a warning to all ships coming into Libyan Territorial Waters and Libyan ports.

As of Friday 9th January, any ship approaching the port city of Misrata will be targeted directly and indirectly. The warning came from the Commander of the Air Force, Brigadier Saqr Al-Jaroushi.

This announcement comes after the Air Force announced on Monday, that it had acquired 4 new Russian-made Sukhoi SU-27 fighter jets reportedly capable of covering a distance of 3,530 km with a top speed of 2,500 kmh.

The LNA have apologized for the unprovoked strike on the Greek-operated Tanker that approached Derna port last Sunday.

Allmode Comment:

Considering the on-going struggle for control of Libya’s valuable assets, the oil fields and terminals, it would not be advisable for any vessel to enter the main ports without the approval of the relevant authorities.

However, this is an area of controversy, as some of the terminals are controlled by other factions, whether militants or the opposing government authorities. If a vessel must enter a Libyan port, a thorough risk assessment should be conducted before entering Libyan territorial waters.

To see the full security report from Allmode, go here

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