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TNO and Imtech Sign Cooperation Agreement

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TNO and Imtech Marine signed an agreement on 21 January 2015 in which they expressed their intention to work together on research and development projects. The signing took place at Imtech Marine in Rotterdam.

It is a unique pooling of knowledge and experience that will result in innovative and sustainable solutions for the maritime industry.

TNO and Imtech have joined forces many times over the years and see possibilities to further strengthen each other and in doing so deliver added value to the market and society, the contract signatories stated.

These were Henk Geveke, General Director of Defence & Security on behalf of TNO and André Meijer, Managing Director on behalf of Imtech Marine.

 ‘As well as applied research and concept development, TNO offers an important contribution to innovation in the maritime industry,’ said Henk Geveke, General Director, Defence & Security. ‘These developed concepts need to be converted into products and solutions for the Dutch Royal Navy,’ added André Meijer, Managing Director.

‘Imtech also has knowledge of applied technology on board and understands the needs of maritime companies. Cooperation will ensure that innovative products appear on the market more quickly. What’s more, the joint approach strengthens TNO’s knowledge build-up enabling it to apply project results for new technological developments.’

Social contribution

This cooperation also contributes to providing solutions to societal issues.

This includes sustainability, such as ships sailing with less crew as well as the use of innovative solutions on board to reduce energy consumption. ‘Energy-saving solutions have been commonplace in the car industry for some years, but are in the first stages in the shipbuilding industry. We are aiming to change this,’ said André Meijer.

Innovative solutions

This cooperation means that vessels for customers such as the Dutch Royal Navy, but also for the yacht-building and cargo industries or oil and gas markets, Will continue to have access to modern and high-quality technological systems in the future and they can also make use of innovative solutions in the management of their vessels.

Photo: The contract signing in Rotterdam by Henk Geveke (left), TNO’s General Director of Defence & Security and André Meijer, Imtech Marine’s Managing Director

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