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The New Azimut Dragon Models for China

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Azimut’s mission is perfectly illustrated by one of this year’s great new developments that will certainly be of interest to anyone who appreciates luxury and Italian quality.

To provide its Asian, and in particular Chinese, clientele with the best boating experience, Azimut Yachts has devised made-to-measure concepts and styles for this market:  the result is the Azimut Dragon China project.

The first Azimut models to appear in ‘Dragon China’ version will be: the Azimut 64 Dragon China, the Azimut 70 Dragon China and the Azimut 80 Dragon China (interior design and concept by Azimut Style Department), and the Azimut 88 Dragon China (interior design and concept by Achille Salvagni Architetti).This single, coherent project follows the logic of the various models’ characteristics and has been designed to satisfy specific local requirements.

88 600 PIC

The main focus of the designers was to create a convivial, sociable atmosphere, interpreting the various aspects involved so that the philosophy of “being together” could be turned into tangible, functional solutions. The spaces were therefore organized to revolve around the large areas for games, karaoke and the large dining room. Attention was then paid to the level of privacy and service on board, with crew areas kept apart and independent from the rest of the yacht.

These splendid yachts have an Oriental air, creating an enchanting mood with meticulous finishings and details that are unique and unmistakable: real Italian Style by Azimut Yachts.

A first look at the main deck reveals the main distinctive features: the large dining room with a round table on a raised level and adjoining living room area with comfortable sofas encourage guests to be sociable and spend time together.   

The lower deck is totally given over to entertainment and is the second focal point in a layout that gives free rein to people who love spending their time having fun with friends and loved ones. The central section comprises an area with an elegant Mahjong table and professional karaoke system, while the relaxation areas with cosy sofas guarantee some private time when needed. The bar area is comfortable and the generously sized kitchen is located on the same level, but isolated as much as possible from the rest of the spaces.

Azimut 88 China Saloon and dining 600 pxls

The elegant atmosphere and the functional division of space makes it ideal for hosting private gatherings or business meetings from time to time.

In all areas, light matt wood in ivory, cream and dove-grey colours alternates with varnished elements with exquisite details in glossy dark wood, creating an ingenious contrast of shades and games of light. The overall effect is very bright and is the perfect complement to the sophisticated mood thanks to the carefully selected materials used.

For further information contact: studio@studioeffeerre.com  - www.studioeffeerre.it

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