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SYTT Launches Superyacht Nautique

Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT) is celebrating being selected as the global superyacht dealer for Nautique wake and wave boats. As part of the partnership, SYTT has launched a new department called Superyacht Nautique to expand and develop the offering. 

Overseen by SYTT project manager and resident Nautique expert Angus Gilmour, the new branch of SYTT will be dedicated to the sale and project management of Nautique boats into superyachts worldwide.

SYTT managing director Josh Richardson commented, “Nautique is widely acknowledged in the leisure market as the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury wake and ski boats and is the number one choice for riders around the world.  Both Nautique and SYTT share a dedication to exceptional quality, unprecedented customer service and a passion for high performance.  Superyacht Nautique embodies the values of both companies and has the expertise to back it up.”

As the dedicated dealer for superyachts, Superyacht Nautique will offer the entire range of Nautique boats. Stand-out models include the new Paragon and G series boats, as well as the GS22E electric tender, which harnesses the latest electric propulsion technology to deliver optimal performance on the water .Superyacht customisation options include the new Yanmar diesel engine, removable carbon tower, windscreen, lifting points and much more. 

For the ultimate on-water experience, Nautique and Ingenity Electric bring the latest in electric propulsion technology to the multi-sport GS22E. Built onto the already widely popular Super Air Nautique GS22 platform, the GS22E is a boat ready to connect families that like to do a little of everything on the water. While the award-winning Ingenity Electric system operates using clean energy that delivers optimal performance for watersports activities, in an eco-friendly package.

The GS22E provides 1.5 hours of non-stop towing time for a mix of surfing, skiing and wakeboarding with a maximum speed of 70 kp/h. The batteries on the GS22E can be recharged in two hours, which allows superyacht crew to offer a swift turnaround and an efficient guest experience. As well as the new electric configuration, Nautique offers diesel options in both their Paragon and G series range. Perfect for superyacht operation, these boats offer no compromise to performance whilst giving crew the easy solution of bunkering directly from the mothership.

Check out the full range and here's a video showing the GS22E in action!


Superyacht Nautique prides itself on the ability to meet all customer demands and ensure the tenders meet any integration requirements. With the team’s extensive superyacht and tender project management experience, Superyacht Nautique has the in-house knowledge to offer advice and customisation specific to yachting. Having already delivered Nautique yacht tenders with custom lifting points, carbon towers, removable windscreens and bespoke paint jobs, Superyacht Nautique is well-placed to handle any requests.

Angus Gilmour, Project Manager at SYTT comments, “Nautique really is leading the charge when it comes to wake and wave boats worldwide. Whether it’s the overall quality of the final product or the wave that a Nautique boat produces, they are second to none.  Nautique is passionate about evolving the boats to match their clients’ requirements.  This high-level customisation, coupled with performance, makes Nautique a great fit for the superyacht industry.”

Angus continues, “The combination of our industry knowledge at SYTT and the quality of Nautique’s products will make for a great client experience and we are all excited about the launch of Superyacht Nautique”.

Superyacht Nautique will project manage every phase of a new boat order. From the initial consultation to the design, creation and delivery of the Nautique to any destination in the world, the team from Superyacht Nautique will ensure the logistics run smoothly.

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