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SOLAR1 Sees in 21 New Teams for 2015

Solar1 2015 HayleyA5119

The Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014 finished just 4 months ago and already 21 teams have signed up for the second edition of the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2015; commencing from the 9th to 11th July 2015. Registration is still open, and more international teams can be expected in the coming months.

The 21 confirmed participants so far, shall be coming in from all around the globe; Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy, USA, Monaco and Russia. Several of the 2014 teams have already confirmed their attendance; CLAFIS Private Energy, Laguna Creek High School GETA, Dutch Solar Boat Team and many more.

Solar1 had a fantastic inauguration into the world of solar boat racing and are so pleased to have received amazing feedback, support and great media coverage in response to the event. 

“We are thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate this innovative technology, and highlight the creations and advances that universities, their students and also private organisations bring to us in a very new world of racing”. Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Solar 1

Predominantly the participants of the Solar1 Cup have been that of the student variety. These young adults have chosen to take part in this, as part of their studies or in many cases, as extra curricular activities truly demonstrating their passion. These intricately designed vessels are astonishing, and could be easily perceived to be the works of well established technological designers and professors with years of experience.

HD Solar 1 2014 IMG 237Franck Terlin

“If this is what these young students can design and achieve now, I am very excited to see what our future holds with them at the helm” Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Solar 1

Since the 2014 event in July, Solar1 has been in the media all over the world; from Europe, the Middle East, and USA and even as far as Brazil. Thanks to this, Solar1 has been able to attract and encourage several new teams like; iD Design, YTU (Yildiz Technical University) and many more. Not only are there several new teams, but Solar1 have also attracted a new international collaborative partner with a Brazilian solar powered boat competition, Desafio Solar Brasil.

Desafio Solar Brasil, held an event not dissimilar to that of Solar1’s, but in the glorious city of Búzio, Rio de Janeiro from the 12th to 16th November 2014.

Solar1 will be granting Vento Sul Team, B class winners of Desafio Solar Brasil, the opportunity to come and compete in the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2015, open class. Vento Sul Team, will receive a paid trip to the wonderfully sunny Monaco, for three days of exhilarating racing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Contact: Hayley Atkinsonhayley.atkinson@solar1races.com (+33 6 40 62 82 64)

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