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Revolver 44GT: The New Grand Tourer of the Sea

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Revolver Boats is ready to launch a new and surprising product: The Revolver 44GT. high performance and all-Italian design result in an innovative vessel reminiscent of the ultimate grand tourers of the automobile world.

The core concept underlying the new Revolver 44GT is the idea of transferring the qualities of a grand touring car to the sea. The result is an elite, high performance vessel with exciting sporty lines, comfort and safety, and an optimal range for long crossings.

The Revolver 44GT showcases a unique and revolutionary mix of “power & cruise”, under the banner of sophisticated design. It is the perfect balance of luxury, avant-garde technology, and innovation. The result is simply breathtaking!


The new Revolver44GT is first and foremost a powerful, high performance boat. However, it is not a "normal" powerboat; it is an impressive display of raw power and speed, great range, functionality, and comfort. All of this has been made possible by the technical choices made by the Revolver team, starting with the two Cummins diesel 550 HP engines paired with Arneson Surface Drives.

The GT has distinctive features throughout including the rear air vents with “shark” cut reminiscent of high-end cars from the 1960s and the bow with LED lights built into the protective and powerful fender rail that defines the profile.

The exteriors are by Alberto Mancini (AM Yacht Design), a young but already acclaimed Italian designer who developed also the interiors and represent an evolution over the 42R designed by Michael Peters (MPYD - Michael Peters Yacht Design) introducing new stylistic elements to ensure the Revolver 44GT is even more innovative and cutting edge. Mancini wanted to emphasize that unmistakable dynamic quality, referencing car design in the exterior lines as well as interior details.

Revolver 44GT Interiors

The interior layout focuses on the large central structure that houses the control panel and helm station. This has been significantly modified from the sporty 42R for a new sense of symmetry and sophisticated convenience, in true automotive style. The separate captain and co-driver seats are custom designed with a sporty carbon look and are both comfortable and functional. The ergonomiccentral console between them houses the control panel, including large, latest-generation Garmin touch-screens instruments for easy and safe navigation.

The helm station has an integrated dual monitoring system, for greater security, that also interfaces with the navigation screens. And of course, there is an iPad dock station that controls the multi-zone HIFI system for the different areas of the vessel. Behind the helm station there are four passenger seats that pick up on the aesthetics of the captain and co-captain chairs. 

Another key feature of the 44GT is air conditioning (also thanks to the 5.0 KW generator), no minor detail for a boat whose distinctive elements include a spectacular glass roof(electronically operable) as well as a rear glass door that opens up (hiding away in the engine room). The whole operation happens wirelessly and only takes a few seconds. Opening and closing the glass roof by remote control is practical, fast, and dramatic.

Below deck, in the bow area, there is a large sofa that can be converted into a double bed by folding down the table, as well as a kitchen and minibar. A surprising feature is the spacious bathroom with "rain shower" with unusually high ceilings for this class of boat.

The sporty look is perfectly mirrored by the high performance of this grand tourer of the sea. The new Revolver 44GT is equipped with two diesel Cummins engines of 550 HP each paired with Arneson Surface Drives. These ensure great agility and flexibility as well as performance and high cruising speed. Revolver 44GT can easily exceed a maximum speed of 50 knots in total comfort and safety. The even more surprising feature is the long range spirit of the boat, the new 44GT is able to cruise at 40 knots with low  consumption: just 50lt/h per engine for a unprecedented fuel economy and low emissions.

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Because of its performance and design excellence, the flagship Revolver 44GT caters to demanding boat owners who appreciate aesthetic and technological beauty. Another surprise is how easy it is to drive. You don't have to be an offshore world champion to enjoy and take full advantage of this boat's high quality technology and performance. While the 42R sets new standards for punch, safety, and seaworthiness, the new Revolver 44GT manages the difficult task of completely outdoing them.

This boat’s sophisticated construction, intended to impart the utmost in structural rigidity while minimizing weight,is definitely noteworthy. The hull, roof, and all the structural elements (floor, struts, and bulkheads) are vacuum molded. The resin is vinyl ester; the lamination is a sandwich of Corecell® with E-glass biaxial glass-fiber fabric, and stiffeners are placed along the major structural members with unidirectional and multi-axial carbon fabric. The hard top is structural carbon, with exposed bulkheads just like those found in elite cars.

Technology and aesthetics also go neck and neck in the flooring. Here, the use of Esthec® enables innovative and dynamic edge designs. The material was chosen because it is environmentally friendly and almost maintenance free. The “smoke” color substantially reduces solar heat gain.

Contact: http://www.revolverboats.com/download.html



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