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Profit Partner*Ships Buying Yachts "The Wall Street Way".

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No longer just a lifestyle expense, yacht ownership can now be a prudent and profitable investment.   Profit Partner*Ships are designed to produce safe, secure, predictable and profitable five (5) year IRRs that are reasonably assured – excluding any consideration of possible but uncertain charter income - or it doesn't meet our criteria and does not qualify.

Accordingly YES expects its Profit Partner*Ships to purchase at least 15 yachts in 2015.

More sophisticated than just Net Worth Neutral yacht ownership, YES Profit Partner*Ships buying yachts “The Wall Street Way” combine strategies originally created for problem banking assets with those of LBO / private equity and other financial strategies to mitigate any financial uncertainties and generate superior risk adjusted returns from yacht ownership.

Accordingly most of these proven strategies are applicable regardless of the type or size of the assets: a yacht, jet or condo - from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000.  However, the larger the asset value involved - generally the greater the potential benefits and rewards.

For current yacht owners, profits can be substantially enhanced if the Partner has an existing yacht they would like to profitably dispose of as well

Clearly, far superior to the usual losses and costs of traditional yacht ownership, Profit Partner*Ships are not for everyone.

Neither intended nor designed for the masses, these strategies are only for a select chosen few with sufficient vision and resources. 

Profit Partner*Ships are not for yacht owners content with just trying to "minimize their losses", or for those only satisfied with breaking even, but for yacht owners interested in profit maximization with superior risk adjusted returns.

PROFESSIONAL YACHT BROKERS ARE WELCOME AND PROTECTED.  To meet our goal of at least 15 yachts in 2015,  we need help. We greatly appreciate the yacht broker’s fiduciary responsibility under the law and code of professional ethics to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own and to seek out, inform, and advise their clients whenever they hear of anything that might ultimately help their client achieve their objectives - buying and selling yachts as quickly as possible and at the best price and terms.

Likewise, we also have a fiduciary responsibility to our partners and professional courtesy to all.  Thus, we find it’s usually the most productive use of everyone’s valuable time to meet directly with yacht owners / sellers and/or prospective Profit Partners as soon as practicable in the discussion and evaluation process to determine if they are suitable and qualified.   Frankly, someone we can - and want to work with going forward.

We are now setting our schedule for the 2015 Palm Beach Boat Show to actively make offers on qualified yachts.
If you would like to learn how to achieve maximum risk adjusted yields and still enjoy the other rewards, benefits, and opportunities available from the luxury yachting lifestyle, please contact us for confidential consideration.

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