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Oceanco Unveils Revolutionary Yacht Design at Dubai International Boat Show

On the first day of the Dubai International Boat Show, Oceanco revealed a revolutionary yacht design: Aeolus. Fully aligned with Oceanco’s NXT initiative, Aeolus is in tune with evolving perspectives on the environment as well as lifestyle. With exterior design from Giles Taylor complemented by interior design from Njord by Bergman Design House, she heralds a new era for dwellings on water, demonstrating that authentic sustainability of the future is beautiful and stylish – both in terms of technical capability as well as materials used on board.

A private sanctuary

Named after the Greek god of the wind, Aeolus is intended to have a transformational impact on those who experience her. A floating sanctuary effortlessly sculpted by the wind, her design has depth and is perfectly balanced. It reflects how we relax, connect and work in the modern world, seamlessly transitioning between destinations and modes of living. Her ingenious design resonates with creatives, visionary leaders, innovators and big thinkers.

Those who are conscious of image while also deeply private, and who are driven to create impactful change in the world yet wish to stay out of the spotlight themselves. She is a great fit for those who consider their floating home to be like a natural, private retreat and sea-borne sanctuary, accommodating just enough cabins for family and favored guests. Moving slowly but effortlessly up through the pod-like formations of the decks to the owner's private oasis, which delivers the best views in the house, this is where she truly resonates with those on board like no other; the purest of sanctuaries.

Aeolus resides at the junction of majestic elegance and structural efficiency, striking an intriguing equilibrium between feminine curves and masculine presence. At the heart of her design is a reference to the J Class sailing yachts of the last century. An absolute harmony between the ocean and wind power. A water-borne experience that no other yacht can offer.

“Aeolus’s design sculpture is harmonious and borne of the function and flow envisaged for her future owner. Her curves do not make her overly feminine because there is a masculine quality to her bold, forthright architecture. Apart from the deck surfaces themselves, not one surface is flat or brutally geometric, which provides a unique aesthetic that sets Aeolus apart,” says Taylor.

Oceanco Aeolus 1200x630

The evolution of yachting

Oceanco NXT is a collaborative commitment to the future, bringing together experts from different industries to offer yacht owners a way to live better while also respecting the oceans. 

“The collaboration and innovation resulting in the Aeolus design has been remarkable,” comments Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco’s CEO. “As our newest Oceanco NXT design, she is an example of how we envisage the evolution of yachting, from the perspectives of both her design and technology. To build the yachts of tomorrow, we need to leave behind the preconceptions of yesterday. With Aeolus, I think we have achieved that.”

Her interior has a strong language of introducing fully sustainable and traceable materials, including biomaterials, at her core.

“Organic nature, sensual being and playfulness played a big part of Aeolus’s design, bringing that exterior language to her interior for a soft and cocooning feeling. Every element has been rigorously considered, including sourcing and traceability of materials and working with some of the world’s most innovative artisans in biomaterials and sustainable development such as Desserto, a premium vegan leather alternative that is made from climate-positive cactus plants and Oliveri Homes, which exclusively works with Global Organic Textile Standard cottons and uses non-toxic processes and dyes to create its materials.,” explains Sarah Colbon, co-founder of Njord.

Together with Aeolus’s technical partners ABB & MTU, Oceanco and Lateral have developed the Energy Transition Platform (ETP), an adaptable architecture to enable a future-proofed pathway to net zero.

“Any yacht built today, will have to span the energy transition, a period of significant change in available fuel types and associated technologies. This demands an adaptable technical architecture that can accommodate the alterations to layout, configuration and specifications needed to integrate future technologies and alternative fuels in the least invasive way possible. Lateral and Oceanco have developed the ETP to ensure multiple technical pathways can be pursued as technologies mature during the energy transition timeline,” comments James Roy of Lateral.


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