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New MCA ISM Guidance

The new guidance will be necessary for surveyors auditing safety management systems both at sea and ashore. Additionally, it will be of concern to those concerned with the procedures adopted by the MCA for carrying out audits for verification of compliance with the International Safety Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code). You can access the guidance here.

Measures to protect the safety of persons rescued at sea

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has produced the second edition of "Large-scale rescue operations at sea: Guidance on ensuring the safety and security of seafarers and rescued persons" as described in NCSR 3/18. The document itself can be directly downloaded from the ICS and IMO websites.

The second edition of the industry guidance includes:

  • Updated content on preparations and procedures relating to embarkation and management of those rescued
  • Security considerations following a large-scale rescue
  • A consolidated step-by-step checklist for large-scale rescues
  • A set of information cards, in English, French and Arabic, providing safety information to those rescued
  • A template for a record of persons rescued based on the Guidelines on the treatment of persons rescued at sea (MSC.167(78)).

Industry Code of Conduct for Maritime Autonomous Systems

The UK Marine Industries Alliance (MIA) has launched an industry code of conduct in respect of surface Maritime Autonomous Systems (MAS(S)).  The aim of the code is to establish an industry agreement on aspects of MAS(S) development, design, production and operation in advance of and alongside the establishment of governing regulations.

The code outlines practices to support safety and professionalism within the industry, advance self-regulation in advance of official direction and support improved communications between companies, regulators and the wider maritime community. It can be accessed here.

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