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Italian Design Firm Launches its First 'Mini Yacht'

Private Jet Capsule Rear Closed with logo profile

Italian design studio Lazzarini recently presented its first 'mini yacht' during the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show. The Jet Capsule is a compact water craft measuring 7.5m (24.6 ft) long and 3.5m (11.5ft) wide.The futuristic looking vessel can be customized to suit a myriad of purposes, including a water taxi, emergency water vehicle, patrol boat, scuba diving vessel or recreational cruiser.

The watercraft is made with a fiberglass hull and features a hydro-jet system and can come equipped with one or two (petrol or diesel) engines, offering from 315 to 740 hp.

On board, the craft features a protected deck and seating area which accommodates eight passengers, automatic closing doors, rooftop sunbed, rear diving platform, convertible bedroom, toilet and can be customized to include a kitchen.

At night time, the Jet Capsule's interior and exterior lights are designed to give the impression that the vessel is an out of this world spacecraft, hovering over the water.

The Lazzarini studio has also presented several conceptual ideas based around the Jet Capsule, transforming it into a camouflaged and armored military vessel, a water ambulance service, and even a party boat complete with two big subwoofers, a DJ console and fully adapted for wakeboarding and water skiing use.

"Clients may select among several different versions of the Jet Capsule, including a floating boutique or a floating kitchen to offer catering to yachts… actually it has no limits," said Fausto Rasini.

Private Jet Capsule Rear v2

Lazzarini is also currently developing a U.F.O. prototype which in this case stands for Unidentified Floating Object. The vessel is actually a futuristic sustainable house boat with multiple levels, spacious living zones and a submerged glass encased lower bedroom. "It's a floating solar powered house with a 12 hp electric engine that is able to move the floating structure for short distances," explains Rasini.

The U.F.O prototype is set to be completed by 2015 and prices for the Jet Capsule are yet to be released.

Further information from Jet Capsule:

All the Jet Capsule products come with an international sail certification (CE and RINA) and they can navigate and operate in any country/region also with waves up to 4 meters.

Our boats are constructed with international warranty covering components and we offer a 24h/365days assistance/support.

Despite the current crisis of the nautical industry in Italy, Jet Capsule S.r.l. is expanding and stakes claim to be the only new nautical company started in Italy in 2012. The shipyard is located in Naples and employs 30 workers.

The Jet Capsule customization program allows several configurations, including the one with transformable sofas, the boat taxi with nine large seats and a luxury version with all comforts. 

The Capsule builds in a last generation hydro-jet system and can be equipped with one or two engines, petrol or gasoline.

Clients can select different models, from 315 HP to 740 HP, and a range of features including rear automatic closing doors, sundeck, toilet and more.

*Photos provided by Jet Capsule
*Original story: gizmag.com via Google News (search term: jet capsule)

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