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Invictus GT320 Versilys: Where Marble Meets the Sea

The lines imagined by Christian Grande for the Invictus range, right from the first GT280, have added a distinctive sculptural vocation to the typical dynamism of boating. 

The iconic half-reverse bow and the harmonious convexity of the hull produce a perfect balance of strength and agility: a real family feeling, capable of transforming the Italian shipyard boats into authentic classics.

Giving life to a new classic is a gamble that Invictus Yacht and Henraux, interpreters of excellence, have taken on. On one side, Paolo Carli, president of Henraux; on the other, Christian Grande, Chief Designer for Invictus: the idea was to use marble - precious, eternal, sculptural - on a modern, powerful, and fast boat. 

Through various processing and installation tests, the two companies achieved the goal of using thin slabs of grey Versilys marble on board of a GT320, the iconic model of the Italian shipyard. 

Marble is used for the walkable surfaces of the deck, as well as for various details and complements on board, from the kitchenette in the cockpit to the bathroom top and its washbasin.

The Titanium cushions and the Attack Grey colour embody the perfect match for the elegant shades of marble; a combination of charm and sportiness is also expressed in the choice of propulsion: two generous Volvo Penta V8s engines with 350 horsepower each, for excellent performance and comfort.

The full-load weight of the GT320 Versilys differs slightly (around 70 kg) from the 8 tonnes of the standard version: this amazing result derives from an unprecedented plate processing technology and the consistent use of carbon parts, such as the hard-top and support poles of the aft awning. 

“The Classic does not only belong to the past, it is the image in which every civilisation has identified the most accomplished form of its culture. It is something that remains deeply relevant and continues to stand the test of time,” comments Christian Grande.

“Ours is an era that celebrates the unusual and the paradoxical, capable of integrating contrasts and transforming any apparent contradiction into a wealth of meaning. In the wake of this idea, what is apparently irreconcilable finds its space: stone and sea, archetypal elements, meet and merge in the space of thirty-two feet,” explains Christian Grande. “As for the Renaissance artists, who animated the marble of their sculptures with throbbing muscles and veins, once again intention shapes reality through technique. The infinite complexity of a process translates into an immediate, authentic, true form: the original, in a single instant, becomes a Classic.”

Technical studies are in place for the development of the marble processing technology on board. Invictus Yacht reserves the right to release further details in the near future.

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