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Fliteboard Launches Most Advanced Evolution of Products Yet

Fliteboard, the Australia-based global electric hydrofoil innovator, is pleased to announce the release of the most comprehensive and advanced range of eFoils on the market, Series 3. Fliteboard’s latest release represents the purest expression of the ultimate ride, where riders can pursue even more freedom and expression on the water. With design, innovation, performance and community at the core of the Flite brand, Series 3 promises riders more freedom and more life.

Series 3 introduces a variety of upgrades to Fliteboard’s existing products and a new model, ULTRA L, the world’s lightest performance eFoil with the integration of the world’s lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery, Flitecell Nano. The complete ULTRA L setup weighs in at just 22.5kg/49.6 lbs, with the lithium-ion eFoil battery weighing only 6.2kg/14 lbs. Created with smart technology and safety in mind, the entire range of Flitecell batteries is made with phase change material for thermal management, and premium high-discharge and low-temperature cells.

Flitecell Nano provides up to 45 minutes of foil time, or more when riding waves, and can be fully charged in under an hour. Now positioned closer to the mast, the location and weight of the battery in the board allow for incredible maneuverability and minimal swing weight. The new 80cm mast is perfect for taking on bigger waves, deeper turns, and smooth riding over choppy waters. In the pursuit of ultimate performance, footstraps and handles have been stripped, as well as lightening the battery box by handcrafting it with carbon fibre. The board was created for experienced water sports enthusiasts with high design in mind. ULTRA L allows the rider to have the most agile and responsive ride to explore their Fliteboarding limits.

In order to elevate the user experience, Fliteboard has revolutionised its propulsion system - welcoming the addition of Dual Drive and the optional Flite Jet. Developed by world-leading hydrodynamicists on three continents, Flite Jet is the world’s smallest and lowest drag eFoil jet. Made to be beautifully simple and engineered with precision, Flite Jet offers unparalleled smoothness and safety for riders.

As eFoiling evolves, riders want different types of experiences, so Fliteboard now offers a choice of propeller or jet power. With the development of the world’s first interchangeable propulsion system, Dual Drive, riders can choose their preferred propulsion option or seamlessly swap between prop and jet. The unique Dual Drive allows users to experience the best of both worlds in a matter of seconds, with no tools required. Series 3 also features two new Cruiser Jet wings that are perfectly paired with Flite Jet for the most stable and efficient glide.

A new range of board colours was inspired by the dreamy locations customers go Fliteboarding. ULTRA L is available in metallic gold, inspired by golden sunsets in Ibiza; AIR is offered in matte coral reminiscent of breezy days in Miami, and Pebble; and Fliteboard and PRO can be now purchased in gold and bronze, alongside existing metallics. Additional updates also include new board shapes and deck grips.

Fliteboard’s Series 3 now offers a fiberglass range at a more accessible price point, without compromising design, durability or the performance customers expect from its original predecessor, Fliteboard. Starting at £9,995, the fiberglass range includes wings as well as a Flitecell Sport battery. Fliteboard and PRO fiberglass models are available in matte white, coral and saltbush, inspired by wild Sage of Amorgos in the Greek Islands.

“A bold vision backed by relentless design and development created the first Fliteboard back in 2018. We continue to break new ground, and are proud to reveal the most sophisticated and innovative electric hydrofoil range on the market. Furthering the pursuit of the ultimate ride, Series 3 offers record-breaking developments with the world’s lightest performance eFoil, lightest ever lithium-ion eFoil battery and the world’s first interchangeable propulsion system. These advances will truly change the way we experience the water,” David Trewern, CEO, Founder and Product Architect.

Since Fliteboard’s 2018 debut, Founder David Trewern has proudly turned his vision into a global brand, having now sold more than 9,000 Fliteboards to customers who have logged over 46,000 rides across 90 countries (as viewable on the innovative Flite App). Fliteboard has obtained notable achievements such as creating the first eFoil design with a GPS and leading the charge on safety initiatives. What started off as a spark of inspiration to solve a kitesurfer’s windless problem has now established itself as a global leader in eFoil technology. David and the 100-strong Fliteboard team are pushing boundaries to not only develop new products, but also a new sport and unique community, and prove the future potential of electric power in marine environments. Striving for excellence in all domains enables the organization to become more ingenious, design more efficient parts, and fine-tune their electric foiling aquatic vehicles.


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