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ENAUTIC Unveils Special Editions of WaveFlyers ROGUE and VOLARÉ

Australian tech company ENAUTIC is set to launch ‘Founders Editions’ of their highly acclaimed WaveFlyer VOLARÉ and WaveFlyer ROGUE models at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show from 23-26 May. Crafted meticulously by their technology team based in Perth, this small batch of exclusive products represents a unique opportunity for boating enthusiasts to experience the future of watersports firsthand.

The WaveFlyer VOLARÉ attracted widespread acclaim upon its debut in July last year, impressing customers and industry insiders with its patented WaveDrive technology and its demonstration of the potential of electric propulsion watercraft. The VOLARÉ is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 knots, with a 100km foiling range, a cruise time of 4.5 hours, and a rapid charge time of approximately one hour.

Garnering an impressive US$10M order book, the VOLARÉ quickly gained traction among recreational boaters keen to embrace innovation without compromising the environment. Users also praised its ‘silent sensation’ on the water, describing it as ‘peaceful yet responsive’. Soon after its launch, in September 2023 ENAUTIC was awarded the Gold Good Design Award by Australia's Good Design Awards in the Automotive and Transport category, further recognition of their pioneering work in marine technology and sustainability.

Building on this success, ENAUTIC expanded their lineup with two new electric foiling PWC concepts: The WaveFlyer ROGUE and the WaveFlyer ROGUE-X. These models retain the innovative hull and foil package of the original while pushing the boundaries of boating and water sports experiences.


Limited edition e-foiling models with superior craftsmanship

The Founders Editions of both the VOLARÉ and ROGUE models maintain all of the beloved features of the original models with the addition of a new swim platform, enhancing the day boat experience for those who wish to relax on the water for longer. Crafted for those who appreciate exclusivity and superior craftsmanship, these limited edition models offer something truly exceptional in a crowded market.

“The Founders Edition craft of the VOLARÉ and ROGUE will be handmade in our development facility, by our tech development team, not mass produced in a factory," said Paul Steinmann, ENAUTIC CEO. "The hulls will be made from pre-preg RFP that is then baked in an autoclave to achieve optimum weight and strength. Each hull will be custom painted with 2 pack epoxy to a high level of finish. Custom developed high efficiency propellers for the FE craft are in development.”

Unlike mass-produced models, the Founders Edition series will be built to order using specialised construction methods. Each craft will come with a certificate of authenticity bearing a unique Founders Edition serial number, with a distinctive badge affixed to the hull. Production will kick off once a minimum order of 20 units for each model is secured, ensuring that each customer receives personalised attention and support from the factory. “This is an opportunity for discerning customers to purchase the very best that we can produce," Paul added.

The WaveFlyer VOLARÉ will be showcased at the end of the fuel jetty at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (see map here), offering an opportunity to experience cutting-edge  marine technology with unparalleled performance on the water.

To book a personal demonstration ride of the WaveFlyer VOLARÉ, follow this link.

ENAUTIC is an Australian technology company developing world leading electric hydrofoil technology, with expertise in hydrodynamics, flight control systems, battery electric power systems, boat design, human machine interface systems, product-market fit analysis and vessel route planning. ENAUTIC is a technology partner for leading vessel designers and manufacturers, providing comprehensive technology transfer packages to qualified manufacturers, or delivery of packaged electric hydrofoil propulsion systems.

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